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Chapter 1284: 1284

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1284 The Hearts Of A Mother And Her Children Are Always Connected

The result of a few more kisses was that—Chu Jiu’s lips became swollen.

Fortunately for her, they were returning to the imperial capital the next day, and she stayed inside her tent for the whole day with the excuse of packing her things.

Ling Lihua eyed her son’s contented expression and nudged him knowingly. “You didn’t bully Jiu, did you?”

Lu Tingchen smoothed his expression and gave her a solemn look. “Mother, do I look like that sort of person?”

“No,” Ling Lihua said untruthfully—though she added a snide “as if” in her mind—and she could not help herself from asking, “But what were you doing with Jiu in her tent for so long?”

Lu Tingchen placed an arm around her shoulder and said seriously, “Mother, you should focus more on Father, and not your son and future daughter-in-law. You’re about to be separated from him very soon—shouldn’t you two spend more time cuddling and whispering sweet nothings?”

“…” Ling Lihua narrowed her eyes.

The next instant, she said nonchalantly, “Your father and I have been married for so long—we can handle being separated for a while.”

Lu Tingchen was about to say something when Lu Hetian marched up to them, glaring murderously at his son’s arm around Ling Lihua’s shoulders.

Quick as a flash, Lu Tingchen withdrew his arm and sprang to attention. “Father.”

Lu Hetian nodded to him and shifted his gaze to Ling Lihua. “I need you to tell me more about the wounded soldiers’ conditions.” With that, he turned on his heel and walked off.

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A corner of Ling Lihua’s mouth twitched, and only after informing Lu Tingchen did she move to saunter after her husband.

Lu Tingchen could not help his lip from twitching as well as he watched his parents enter their tent one after the other.

Despite his father’s calm and collected demeanor, he was actually a wild one inside!

However, he was about to depart for the imperial capital tomorrow, and the thought of him being able to marry Jiu soon filled him with anticipation.

The imperial capital.

After traveling for half a month, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang’s party finally arrived at the imperial capital.

Once they reached the palace, Lu Liangwei dashed toward Grand Phoenix Palace.

The instant Zhu Yu saw Lu Liangwei, tears spilled down her face, and she threw herself onto her knees, her sobs choking her utterance. “Miss, you’re finally back… I thought I was going to die of worry…”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes misted over as well, and she bent down to help Zhu Yu up. “Don’t cry, silly girl. I’m back in one piece, aren’t I?” She then clapped her hands together. “All right, now get the servants to run a bath for me.”

Her heart was aching terribly with longing for her children.

However, she had to stifle the urge to rush to her children and embrace them as she was travel-stained from the long journey.

She needed to wash away the dust on her body and meet them in her cleanest state.

Zhu Yu wiped her tears away and quickly replied, “I’ll see to it right away, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei freshened up as fast as she could manage.

The two nannies were already waiting, each carrying one child in their arms.

Once Lu Liangwei stepped out of the bathroom, she darted over to her two children without even drying her hair.

Zhu Yu caught up to her with a towel and helped her wring the water out of her hair.

“My babies…” Lu Liangwei took both children from the nannies and carried one in each arm.

The nannies hurriedly lowered themselves to support her arms, worried that she would not be able to carry both children at once.

Lu Liangwei gazed at her children, a multitude of emotions coursing through her as she realized how much they had grown.

It had been nearly three months since she last saw them. Their facial features were now more defined, and they had become even more beautiful.

They were so soft and cuddly and absolutely lovable.

With them in her arms, Lu Liangwei’s anxious heart was finally at ease.

She lowered her head and kissed each child on the face.

“Yin’er, Yaoyao, I’m back…”

Despite being transferred into her arms so abruptly, the children did not kick up a fuss. Instead, they stared at her quietly with their lovely ebony eyes.

Nanny Chen beamed. “The hearts of a mother and her children are always connected. You’ve been separated from the Prince and the Princess for so long, but they can still recognize you.”

Tears welled up in Lu Liangwei’s eyes again, and she regarded her four-month-old children wistfully.

Just then, as if by telepathy, the siblings simultaneously flashed her toothy smiles which revealed their pink gums.

Lu Liangwei felt as if her heart was going to melt.

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