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Chapter 1285: 1285

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1285 Lu Liangwei Finally Met Ji’er

Zhu Yu was tongue-tied when she saw this. “The little prince never smiles, but he actually smiled at you, Miss. What a rare sight.”

Lu Liangwei was astonished. “Has Yin’er never smiled before?”

Zhu Yu shook her head. “I have never seen him smile even once.”

Nanny Wang, who was in charge of taking care of Long Yin, came forward to observe the boy. She smiled and said, “The prince has always been dignified. I have never seen him smile either.”

Lu Liangwei found the boy’s smile all the more precious when she heard this. She kissed each of her children on the cheek. It did not seem to be enough no matter how much love she showered them with.

After carrying both her children for a while, she lifted her head and asked Zhu Yu softly, “Where’s Ji’er?”

Zhu Yu was about to answer when Chu Qi came in from the door carrying Ji’er. The hunter’s wife followed behind him.

Chu Qi had not been here ever since he lost his memory. The hunter’s wife guided him on where to step as she walked next to him.

“Lil Qi is carrying her,” Zhu Yu replied softly.

The two nannies astutely read the atmosphere and immediately took the two kids from Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei stood up and hurried over toward Chu Qi. “Lil Qi…” Her gaze kept shifting toward the baby girl who was nestling against his shoulder.

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It was Autumn now and the weather was cooler than before, which was why Ji’er was given a little pinkish cloak to hear. Her layer of thick, dark hair rested smoothly on her head.

The fingers of her snowy little hand were entangled in Chu Qi’s hair and she seemed to greatly enjoy playing with it. She had no idea that her mother was staring at her in a daze right behind her.

Because the girl was leaning into Chu Qi’s arms, Lu Liangwei could not see her face.

Lu Liangwei’s fingers clenched when she saw the cute little thing. It felt like her heart had lost its usual rhythm as it thumped exceptionally fast.

Her Ji’er…

Chu Qi’s ears twitched when he heard her voice. It sounded unfamiliar.

Zhu Yu had sent someone to inform him earlier that Her Highness had returned and that he should bring Ji’er over as soon as possible.

He guessed that the person calling out to him was Her Highness, Ji’er’s mother.

Chu Qi paused. He patted Ji’er’s back gently and said warmly, “Ji’er, your mother is back.”

They wondered if Long Ji’er could understand his words. The moment she heard his voice, she raised her little face and flashed him a silly smile, though she continued playing with his hair and soon lowered her head again.

“Lil Qi, hurry and let Her Highness carry Princess Ji’er.” Zhu Yu urged him.

“Alright,” Chu Qi replied. He took two steps toward Lu Liangwei and prised Ji’er off his shoulders to pass her over.

Lu Liangwei reached her arms out. Her hands were trembling.

When Ji’er was in her arms, Lu Liangwei’s tears immediately started to flow.

“Ji’er…” She was sobbing uncontrollably.

Ji’er had wanted to cry when she was pulled away from the familiarity of Chu Qi’s arms without warning, but when she saw the crying woman right in front of her, she stopped herself abruptly. Instead, she stared at the woman with protuberant, pretty, black eyes.

Lu Liangwei quickly wiped away her tears when she saw this and pressed Ji’er gently onto her chest.

At that moment, her turbulent heart finally found peace.

Her Ji’er was indeed blessed with fortune.

Lu Liangwei could not help bursting into a fresh wave of tears.

His Majesty had not lied to her. Her Ji’er had truly returned home in one piece.

Zhu Yu could not help crying as well when she saw this. There was not a pair of dry eyes present at the scene.

Zhu Yu mopped her eyes while getting a clean handkerchief to help wipe off Lu Liangwei’s tears. She said airily, “Miss, it’s a happy occasion. You’ve finally reunited with the prince and princesses today. Congratulations!” She knelt with her head on the ground while she said this.

Everyone else followed suit and echoed, “Congratulations, Your Highness! How wonderful, Your Highness!”

Lu Liangwei gave a start and stopped crying. She lifted her hand slightly to stop them. It was difficult to hide the delight on her face. “Get up, all of you. It is all thanks to everyone here who worked so hard while I was not around. It has been rough on you and you shall be rewarded shortly.”

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

Lu Liangwei placed Ji’er back on the bed and took out some little trinkets from the cloth bag she had brought back.

She carefully chose an exquisite little rattle drum and placed it in Ji’er’s hands.

“Ji’er, this is my present for you. I hope you like it.”


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