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Chapter 1288: 1288

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1288 Abandon The Old For The New

After consoling Yaoyao, Lu Liangwei turned to Chu Qi and said, “Lil Qi, I’ve checked your pulse. Starting tomorrow, I will work on treating your eyes.”

“Alright,” Chu Qi replied. A thought crossed his mind and he added, “Ji’er should be hungry by now. I’ll bring her back for her meal.”

Lu Liangwei wanted Ji’er to stay here a little longer and to feed her personally, but she hesitated at the thought of her crying earlier.

It was fine. There was no need for her to be so anxious.

She had just met Ji’er for the first time and she was already happy enough that Ji’er allowed her to carry her for a while.

Lu Liangwei believed that Ji’er would get closer to her one day.

She turned back and picked up the rattle drum, then placed it in Ji’er’s hands.

“Go back and have your meal, Ji’er. I’ll visit you a little later.”

She wondered if Ji’er understood her words. Ji’er shook the rattle drum and watched it rattle merrily.

After seeing the two leave, Lu Liangwei returned to her bed.

Long Yin was tired of his wooden horse after playing with it for a long time, and he flung it to the side.

His eyelids were fluttering when he saw Lu Liangwei coming over. He spared her a glance before yawning and shutting his eyes to go to sleep.

Lu Liangwei was quite irritated by this.

The little boy had appeared to cherish her a lot when they first met, but it took only a short while before he had completely forgotten about her.

Lu Liangwei seriously thought that her son was someone who would swiftly abandon the old for the new.

Zhu Yu walked in at that moment, looking delighted.

“Miss, look who’s here to see you.”

Lu Liangwei lifted her head to see the Dowager Duchess entering the room.


When Lu Liangwei spotted the elderly woman, she immediately passed Yaoyao to Nanny Chen and went forward to welcome the Dowager Duchess.


The Dowager Duchess grasped her hands and remained silent for a long time. She could not stop her aged eyes from watering up as they began to glisten with tears.

Lu Liangwei felt quite guilty. She reached out to embrace the elderly woman around the shoulders. “Grandmother, it’s all my fault for making you worry so much.”

The Dowager Duchess rubbed her back and said in a hoarse voice, “You silly girl. The most important thing is that you’re back.”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes turned red in an instant. She hugged the Dowager Duchess, refusing to let go.

“It’s been hard on you, Weiwei,” the Dowager Duchess said kindly as she caressed Lu Liangwei’s long hair.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I haven’t had a hard time at all. It’s all thanks to you taking care of things during that time, Grandmother.”

“Miss, we should let the Dowager Duchess have a seat.” Zhu Yu reminded her from the side.

Lu Liangwei immediately wiped her tears and helped the Dowager Duchess to the soft bed to sit down.

Nanny Wang, who was taking care of Long Yin, immediately moved away when she saw this.

The Dowager Duchess sat on the soft bed and watched Long Yin, who was sleeping lazily. She smiled and said, “That child has a good temperament. He never makes a fuss and is a really good boy.”

She had just said this when Yaoyao stretched out her little arms from Nanny Chen’s arms, requesting the Dowager Duchess to carry her.

The Dowager Duchess laughed. “What a little monkey.” Regardless, she said to Nanny Chen, “Go on and pass Princess Yaoyao over to me.”

Yaoyao began to make a fuss the moment she was in the Dowager Duchess’s arms, as if protesting that only her older brother had been praised and not her.

Lu Liangwei could not help but laugh at this.

“What a cheeky little thing.” She pointed at Yaoyao’s nose.

The Dowager Duchess found this quite precious. “Yaoyao may be a little fussy, but she’s quite energetic and knows how to make everyone laugh.”

Lu Liangwei agreed.

Long Yang had been busy attending to some emergency work in his imperial study and when he returned, the hall was filled with laughter.

Yaoyao’s babbling filled the air; her voice was the brightest.

The Dowager Duchess did not stay long and she soon got up and left the Palace.

She had rushed to the Palace just to see Weiwei when she heard of her granddaughter’s return.

Now that the Dowager Duchess had seen for herself that Weiwei was doing well, she could finally feel relieved.

The elderly lady had traveled often between the Grand Duke Mansion and the Palace during this period.

She needed to help take care of the three children and also look after the country, which was quite taxing on her.

Now that His Majesty and Weiwei were back, she could finally relax.

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