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Chapter 1289: 1289

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1289 She Might Have Gotten Distant From You Again

As she looked at the endless, cloudless blue sky, the Dowager Duchess mumbled, “The sky is finally blue again after all the rain.”

Aunt Lan, who was accompanying her, sighed with relief as well. “You can finally have a good rest, Dowager Duchess.”

The Dowager Duchess had had a rough time during this period.

If not for the Dowager Duchess still being in good health for her age, she would not have been able to deal with the many things that were happening, not to mention that she was plagued with countless worries too.

“You’re right.” The Dowager Duchess nodded. However, as her thoughts drifted to her grandson who would be twenty and still unmarried, she began to worry again.

“That child, Tingchen, I can help but wonder what exactly he is thinking.”

Aunt Lan smiled. “You miss the Heir Presumptive, don’t you, Dowager Duchess?”

“I don’t miss that rascal at all. All he knows to do is make me angry,” the Dowager Duchess grunted.

Aunt Lan did not expose the Dowager Duchess’ true thoughts. Instead, she said, “It’s true that Heir Presumptive Lu is getting older and no one even knows what kind of girl he likes. If you did, you could help him keep an eye out for a potential partner.”

The Dowager Duchess felt a little troubled. “If I knew something like that, it would have been much easier to take care of this.”

“Second Miss met the Heir Presumptive at the frontier. Since their relationship is quite close, Second Miss might know something about his thoughts. You should ask her about it,” said Aunt Lan.

“I never thought of that. I’ll go to the Palace again tomorrow to ask her about it,” the Dowager Duchess agreed in a rather vexed tone.

“There’s no need to hurry. Second Miss is already back, after all.” Aunt Lan smiled as she comforted the Dowager Duchess.

The Dowager Duchess nodded. “That’s true.”

Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei played with Yaoyao until the baby girl got tired and fell asleep. After that, Nanny Chen carted her off.

Long Yin was also carried off by Nanny Wang for his routine nap.

With that settled, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang went to the side hall to see Ji’er.

Ji’er was already well-fed and had even taken a nap. She was currently laying in Chu Qi’s arms as she played with the rattle drum energetically.

It was obvious that she loved the rattle drum Lu Liangwei had gifted her.

Her little hand gripped it tightly as she shook it again and again, making it rattle brightly.

Lu Liangwei approached her and crouched next to Chu Qi. Her expression was exceptionally gentle. “Ji’er, can I carry you?”

When Ji’er heard her voice, she turned to glance at Lu Liangwei. A smile appeared on Ji’er’s face as she reached out her little arms, beckoning Lu Liangwei to carry her.

Lu Liangwei was utterly delighted as she immediately clutched Ji’er in her arms.

The child was almost four months old and there was quite some weight to her in Lu Liangwei’s hands. It was clear that Chu Qi took very good care of her.

Lu Liangwei walked around as she carried Ji’er. When she saw Long Yang staring at Ji’er, Lu Liangwei knew that he missed the baby girl too. So, she slowly walked toward him with Ji’er in her arms and turned Ji’er slowly at him. “Ji’er, your father is here to see you too.”

Long Yang looked at his youngest daughter expectantly.

However, he had barely reached out when Ji’er pursed her lips and looked like she was about to cry.

Long Yang froze.

Lu Liangwei pulled Ji’er back into her arms sadly.

“Silly girl. That’s your father, the one who loves you most in this world. Why would you cry when you see him?” Lu Liangwei cajoled the child softly, though her heart ached silently.

Fear had been etched into this child’s mind when she saw His Majesty and it had yet to disappear.

Lu Liangwei felt sorry for Long Yang when she saw the pain in his eyes.

She gave this some thought and grabbed Long Yang’s hand, then placed it on Ji’er’s head. “You should pat her more often. You’ve been separated for quite some time and she might have gotten distant from you again.”

Long Yang understood this, but there was nothing he could do.

He owed this daughter of his a great debt.

It was something he could never make up to her in his entire life.

Besides, Ji’er only pursed her lips and did not cry hysterically like the last time. He was happy enough with this.

It was probably the effect of Lu Liangwei’s words. In addition to that, Ji’er had slowly gotten used to Long Yang’s scent, which was why she was not as repelled by him as before. She turned her head and sized him up with her dark, black eyes.

Lu Liangwei took the opportunity to place Ji’er in Long Yang’s arms.

Long Yang reached out and carefully held her as though she was a priceless treasure.

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