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Chapter 1302: 1302

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1302 Reliant Look

The imperial study.

Long Yang had just returned to the Palace yesterday; the imperial study was filled with countless documents.

When Lu Liangwei carried Ji’er over, Long Yang was in the middle of marking Palace Memorials.

Long Yang was surprised to see the two enter the study.

He initially thought Yaoyao was the one Weiwei was carrying, but when his gaze fell onto Ji’er’s forehead, he realized that the one in front of him was Ji’er.

There was a very small red mole near Ji’er’s eyebrow.

He immediately tossed aside the brush in his hand and walked out from behind the imperial table.


Ji’er did not respond to him as she was playing with the rattle drum in her hand.

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she threw him a coy look. “It seems like you only have eyes for Ji’er now. You didn’t even notice I’m here.”

Long Yang endured the hurt he felt and cast her a deep look. A gentle smile appeared on his lips. “Nonsense. You’re always in my heart.”

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Lu Liangwei blinked. Was His Majesty sweet-talking her?

When Long Yang saw how taken aback she was, a hint of a smile flashed in his deep eyes. He grabbed her by the shoulder and lowered his head to kiss her on the forehead.

Ji’er’s round, black eyes widened as she stared at both of them, filled with curiosity.

Long Yang noticed this and reached out to the baby. “Ji’er, how about letting me carry you out to play?”

Ji’er looked a little hesitant as she scrutinized him.

Lu Liangwei took the chance to encourage her. “Ji’er, do you know your father can fly? How about letting him fly you to the roof for some fun?”

Ji’er did not fully understand Lu Liangwei’s words, but she did not object to Long Yang carrying her.

Long Yang picked up her soft, little body and held Lu Liangwei’s hand. Together, they left the imperial study.

A few small birds took into the air in the courtyard outside.

Long Yang flew into the sky with Ji’er in his arms. He reached out and caught one of the birds.

The bird had yellow feathers and was the size of a fist. Its small size made it adorable.

When Long Yang presented the little bird to Ji’er, her eyes widened as she observed it.

Lu Liangwei went over and said to Ji’er, “This little bird is so cute. Go on and touch its feathers, Ji’er.” She held Ji’er’s hand as she said this and placed it on the little bird.

Ji’er stared at the animal.

Long Yang relaxed his grip on the bird and it flapped its wings in his palm.


Ji’er suddenly laughed as her little hand touched the bird’s feathers.

Lu Liangwei and Long Yang looked at each other with delight.

Zhao Qian immediately came over with a birdcage and placed the bird inside it.

Ji’er watched the little bird hopping about in the cage and continued laughing non-stop.

A doting look appeared on Long Yang’s face when he saw Ji’er behaving like this.

Eventually, he got Zhao Qian to place the birdcage on his imperial table. He continued marking the Palace Memorials with one hand while holding Ji’er in the other.

Lu Liangwei took over Zhao Qian’s work and helped Long Yang grind ink next to the table.

She felt happy watching the father and daughter together.

It was wonderful that Ji’er no longer felt repelled by His Majesty, and that His Majesty doted on her very much.

Even though both of them had gotten closer to Ji’er today, Lu Liangwei did not want to immediately take her away from Chu Qi’s side.

When night fell, Lu Liangwei invited Chu Qi over for dinner.

Ji’er still wanted Chu Qi to carry her when she saw him and Lu Liangwei did not stop her. She lifted Ji’er and placed her in Chu Qi’s arms.

Ji’er looked at Chu Qi with a reliant look and buried her little face in his arms.

Lu Liangwei felt a little sad when she saw this.

She suddenly felt as though, even if both she and Long Yang worked hard their entire lives, they would never be able to get this child to rely on them as much as she relied on Chu Qi.

Ji’er’s reliance on Chu Qi seemed to be inevitable.

Long Yang was watching the scene as well, but he did not say anything.

He no longer asked for much—he was happy enough that Ji’er was able to grow up safe and sound.

Chu Qi carried Ji’er back after dinner.

Lu Liangwei felt a little melancholic.

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