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Chapter 1303: 1303

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1303 Take Care Of Him Well

Long Yang pulled her over by the waist to comfort her. “Stop imagining things. As long as Ji’er is safe, everything will be fine.”

“Yes.” Lu Liangwei turned around and buried her face into his chest.

She knew she should not be having these wild thoughts, but she could not help feeling moody and dejected.

Lu Liangwei felt that she owed Ji’er too much.

Long Yang rested his chin on top of her head and gently patted her back.

He understood how she felt, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Zhu Yu came over with Yaoyao in her arms.

Yaoyao immediately reached out her little arms when she saw Lu Liangwei, wanting her mother to carry her.

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she immediately extracted herself from Long Yang’s arms. A smile appeared on her face once more as she moved two steps forward and took Yaoyao in her arms in one motion.

Yaoyao babbled with laughter.

Lu Liangwei was influenced by her daughter’s raw delight and the dark clouds hanging over her immediately diminished.

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They played with each other for quite a while.

When she saw Zhu Yu was still standing by the side, Lu Liangwei could not help feeling curious. A thought crossed her mind and she quickly passed Yaoyao over to Long Yang. She pulled Zhu Yu’s hand and asked, “What are you still doing here, Zhu Yu?”

A blank look crossed Zhu Yu’s face. “Where else should I be?”

Lu Liangwei was exasperated. “If Chu Yi heard what you just said, he would be really hurt. It’s your wedding the day after tomorrow, yet you don’t seem to care about it.”

Zhu Yu clutched at the corners of her clothes. “I do care…”

Lu Liangwei sighed in her heart when she saw Zhu Yu acting like this. She held Zhu Yu’s hand and led her to the inner hall.

“Come here with me, Zhu Yu.”

Zhu Yu followed her into the inner hall.

There was no one else there, so Lu Liangwei cut straight to the point. “What exactly is on your mind, Zhu Yu?”

Zhu Yu lowered her head. “There’s nothing on my mind.” She paused, then added, “Brother Chu Yi is a good man. I will take care of him well after marrying him.”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback and frowned slightly. “Zhu Yu, Chu Yi doesn’t want to marry a maid.”

Zhu Yu was surprised. She lifted her head and hesitated before asking, “What should I do, Miss?”

“You should treat him with sincerity and not as though he is your master. I don’t think Chu Yi needs a maidservant,” Lu Liangwei said seriously.

Zhu Yu looked a little unsure.

Lu Liangwei sighed again. “No one forced you into this when Chu Yi asked me to grant him your hand in marriage. You were the one who agreed. Since you’ve made your decision to marry him, you should be treating him better without being distracted by unnecessary thoughts. Do you understand what I mean?”

Zhu Yu paused and then nodded faintly. “I understand.”

Lu Liangwei reached out to hug her. “Silly girl. Since you’ve made up your mind to marry him, you must live a happy life. It’s only fair that you treat him properly. Chu Yi is someone whom you can depend on for your entire life. I can tell that he treats you well and I believe he will continue doing so after your marriage. Marrying someone who cares for you is more important than anything else.”

Zhu Yu’s eyes slowly turned red.

She understood everything her miss was telling her.

Chu Yi had indeed treated her very well all this while.

He had always been patient with her. If she continued hesitating like this, it would be unfair to him.

She closed her eyes and made a decision.

Her mistress was right. She should wholeheartedly marry Brother Chu Yi without having second thoughts.

It was because Brother Chu Yi treated her the best in the world.

After making up her mind, she suddenly reached out to hug Lu Liangwei, while saying, “Miss, I can’t bear to leave you…”

Lu Liangwei patted her back. “Don’t be silly. You’ll still be in the Palace after marrying Chu Yi. His Majesty had planned to bestow a separate mansion to you two, but Chu Yi rejected the offer because he knows that you want to continue staying by my side. It would certainly be more convenient for you if you stayed in the Palace. Chu Yi has now officially taken up the post of Commander of the Palace Cavalry and he’ll be in charge of the entire garrison of the Palace. With his current rank, he could easily have an entire mansion for himself, but he chose not to for your sake. He is treating you with a lot of care and you shouldn’t let him down!”

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