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Chapter 1307: 1307 It Still Felt A Little Awkward Despite Him Being Quite Thick-skinned

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1307 It Still Felt A Little Awkward Despite Him Being Quite Thick-skinned

The door creaked open and Zhu Yu, who was sitting at the side of the bed, was like a deer looking into headlights as her eyes widened.

Chu Yi stepped inside and immediately saw her sitting near the bedrest, looking at him, wide-eyed.

He paused and rubbed his nose before walking to her.

“Are you hungry?”

“No. I’ve already eaten.” Zhu Yu was reminded of the words her miss has said to her. She tried her best to stop being nervous and shook her head as she replied calmly.

“Oh.” Chu Yi was actually feeling a little nervous as well. He stood where he was, not knowing what else to say.

They stayed silent for quite a while and the atmosphere in the room began to turn a little strange.

“I…” Chu Yi wanted to say something to resolve the awkward situation.

However, he was suddenly rendered speechless at this point despite being quite the talker on normal days.

He looked at Zhu Yu’s pretty face under the candlelight and suddenly felt a little nervous.

Chu Yi clenched his fists, wanting to force his nervousness down.

When Zhu Yu heard him utter one word without finishing the sentence, she could not help but lift her head to look at him.

Chu Yi was wearing a red wedding robe tonight and he looked especially tall and handsome in it.

Zhu Yu took one glance at him and quickly lowered her head, feeling nervous.

She gave this some thought and got up to say, “Brother Chu Yi, it’s getting late. You should hurry up and take a bath.” With that, she habitually went over to him to help him change his clothes, just like how she usually served her miss.

Chu Yi was taken aback. By the time he realized what was happening, his belt had already been removed by Zhu Yu. The next thing he knew, something fell from his sleeves and dropped to the ground.

“What’s this?” Zhu Yu bent over to pick it up.

It looked like a booklet.

The booklet had opened when it fell to the ground and there were some vague drawings seen on it.

Zhu Yu had wondered what the booklet was. Now that her eyes had focused on the contents, she froze where she stood.

It was soon before her clean and fair face instantly turned red. When she realized what she had just seen, her hand flinched from it, as if she had just touched something hot. She quickly stuffed the booklet back into Chu Yi’s hands.

“You… I…” She stammered incoherently and decided to turn away without looking at him.

She knew what she would experience tonight, but when it was about to happen, she still felt really nervous.

This was especially when someone like Brother Chu Yi who looked honest and dependable had such a booklet hidden in his sleeves. She found this quite embarrassing.

Chu Yi had no idea what the drunk Zhao Qian had given to him

However, he had seen it clearly when Zhu Yu returned it to him.

It still felt a little awkward despite him being quite thick-skinned. He could not help cursing Zhao Qian in his heart.

He felt the need to explain this. Otherwise, Zhu Yu might find him filthy-minded.

“Zhu Yu, this booklet isn’t mine. Zhao Qian forced it into my hands and I have no idea what it is…”

Zhu Yu had calmed down quite a bit by now and she was quite relieved when she heard his explanation. “I understand. You should go ahead and have your bath, Brother Chu Yi. The water is getting cold.”

“Alright.” Chu Yi took off his wedding robe and placed it in her hands. When he accidentally touched the tips of her fingers, Chu Yi was overjoyed to see that she did not flinch from the touch.

He quickly took his bath and returned.

Zhu Yu had blown out a few lights in the room and the brightness of the room dimmed.

He went to the bed and when he saw the lump under the blanket on the bed, he could not help but gulp.

Chu Yi slowly lay himself down next to her and after while, tested the waters by reaching his hand over to hug her.

Zhu Yu cringed slightly but did not reject him.

This delighted Chu Yi and he pulled her into his arms.

The wedding candle burned brightly as the sound of sparks could be heard, covering up the moanings coming from the room.

Chu Qi suddenly heard loud crying halfway through his sleep at midnight. He was quickly woken up from his dreams.

He touched the place at his side in reflex, but did not find Ji’er there. It was only then that he remembered that it was Chu Yi’s big day and he had been busy the entire day helping out in the courtyard. It was already deep into the night by the time he returned and Ji’er was sleeping in Her Highness’ bedchamber tonight.


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