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Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: The Uneasiness In Her Heart

The siblings exchanged a glance upon hearing this.

Housekeeper Chen was the holiday home’s housekeeper.

During the day, Lu Liangwei had even asked him to head to the city and buy a batch of medicinal materials.

What on earth was he planning to do, sneaking out at such a late time?

Under the night sky, a man was spurring his horse in the opposite direction of the holiday home.

It was none other than Housekeeper Chen.

He was a little nervous.

Although he worked under First Miss, this was his first time doing something for her.

In the past, as Second Miss rarely visited the holiday home, he did not have the chance to be of use to First Miss even if he wanted to.

A few days ago, when Second Miss had come to the holiday home, he started secretly monitoring her every move. Unfortunately, the Duke’s personal guards kept such a close eye on the Second Miss that he could not probe for more information.

Just when he was starting to feel hopeless, Second Miss asked him to buy medicinal materials.

Was Second Miss not an unskilled dimwit? Why would she want to buy so many medicinal materials all of a sudden? Was someone sick?

Feeling that something was fishy about this matter, when he went to buy the materials during the day, he made a detour to Drunk Fragrance Pavilion to inform First Miss about it. However, after hearing his request, the shopkeeper directed him to head to a certain location at night and speak to First Miss in person.

Given that First Miss was now the Crown Princess, there was little doubt she would become the empress in the future.

He was naturally happy to swear his loyalty to her.

Therefore, despite knowing that Lu Liangwei and Lu Tingchen were still in the holiday home, he took the risk to sneak out at night.

He needed to accomplish something for the Crown Princess so he could get into her good books.

He felt that the matter he discovered today was too unusual and might be of use to the Crown Princess.

Spurring his horse into a furious gallop, he soon arrived at his destination.

The location was not far from the Lu family’s holiday home, just that it was the imperial holiday home.

The shopkeeper of Drunk Fragrance Pavilion had told him to come here at night to see the Crown Princess.

Presumably, the Crown Princess was already inside.

It was Housekeeper Chen’s first time here.

After dismounting his horse, he hurriedly walked toward the imperial holiday home’s gates.

Soon enough, the gates opened, and a servant welcomed him in.

To his surprise, not only was the Crown Princess there, but the Crown Prince was too.

Seeing this, Housekeeper Chen could not help feeling a little nervous.

Remembering the servant’s words, he stepped forward to greet them.

Lu Yunshuang still wore a veil over her face. Although the swelling and bruising on her face had disappeared over the past few days, there were still visible signs of her previous injuries.

For Lu Yunshuang, a person who cared greatly about her appearance, even a single flaw was unacceptable. For that reason, the veil had not left her face even once in the past few days.

She glanced at the man seated on her right, feeling a little uneasy.

These few days, the Crown Prince had been unwilling to see her ever since the mishap that caused his injury and after hearing Lu Liangwei’s implicative words.

He always used work as an excuse to reject her visits.

Today, Lu Yunshuang received a message from Drunk Fragrance Pavilion about Lu Liangwei’s supposed secret.

She immediately used this matter as an opportunity to invite Long Chi to come to the imperial holiday home with her.

Long Chi had refused at first, but after hearing that it concerned Lu Liangwei, he eventually agreed.

Lu Yunshuang was a little suspicious at his reaction.

Did Long Chi not despise Lu Liangwei above all others? Why would his interest be suddenly piqued at the mention that this matter was about her?

Suppressing the uneasiness in her heart, she traveled to the imperial holiday home with Long Chi.

No matter what, as long as Long Chi agreed to come with her, she would find a way to dissipate his anger.

With that thought in mind, she waved her hand at Housekeeper Chen gently. “There’s no need to be afraid. Just tell me everything you know. If I find your news interesting, I’ll definitely reward you handsomely.”

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