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Chapter 1315: 1315 Still Quite Manly

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1315 Still Quite Manly

His Majesty had proclaimed that if either she and Long Xuan could not find a person they fancied, his words would not be counted and they would still need to get married when the time came.

Now that a good match for Long Xuan had appeared, all she needed to do was to put in some effort to find the right man for her once Long Xuan and Yan Ruyu got together. That way, she would not have to marry Long Xuan, and he would have to marry her.

Just as Lin Qingyuan was happily dreaming about this, intense zither music playing came from the berth.

The sword in Yan Ruyu’s hand was like a slithering snake as it danced about in her hand.

Her movements should have been rigid and sharp as she was wielding a sword, but her dance was soft and gentle, just like the adoring way she was looking at Long Xuan.

Lin Qingyuan watched with great interest. Even though Yan Ruyu’s sword dance was lacking a dapper charm, it had its own unique attractiveness.

Her body was tender and agile, and the sword in her hand complemented her appearance.

The berth thundered with applause after her dance concluded.

The guests showered her with shouts of praise.

Yan Ruyu stowed her sword away and nodded appreciatively to the crowd. “Thank you for acknowledging my humble performance. Who would like to perform next?”

The crowd became silent.

All the guests suddenly regretted not taking up martial arts. If they had, they would get the opportunity to perform for this beauty.

However, there was no changing the fact that they had no martial arts experience and they did not fancy the idea of humiliating themselves.

Yan Ruyu did not expect any of them to perform swordplay anyway. Her gaze had been focused on Long Xuan from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, he was not moved and treated her as though she was invisible.

Just as she was about to silently leave the stage, a clear voice suddenly called out a recommendation. “Miss Yan, Young Master Long is formidable with his sword skills. Why not invite him for a performance?”

Yan Ruyu looked toward the voice and saw a bright-eyed, smiling young woman seated next to the window. Judging by her tone, she seemed to be acquainted with Long Xuan.

This realization made her frown imperceptibly.

A maidservant went up to whisper something in her ear and the expression on her face changed slightly. She looked at Lin Qingyuan with a hint of animosity and judgmentalness.

Lin Qingyuan sensed a vague vibe from Yan Ruyu and arched an eyebrow. Could this Yan Ruyu be thinking that something was going on between her and Long Xuan?

This thought had just crossed her mind when Long Xuan suddenly put down the wine cup in his hand and smiled at Lin Qingyuan. “You can be direct about wanting to watch me perform my sword skills. There is no need to beat around the bush.”

Lin Qingyuan gaped at him, dumbstruck.

What was this guy talking about?

As expected, the look in Yan Ruyu’s eyes darkened.

Long Xuan slowly got up and took the sword from Yan Ruyu’s hand. He gave it a light swing—a ringing sound could be heard from the weapon.

The next moment, the originally limp sword was filled with thunderous might. One swing of the sword looked like it could cut through thick bamboo in one slice. It was an amazing spectacle that Yan Ruyu’s flowery performance could not compare to.

In that instant, the entire berth was filled with only the music of the zither and the swishes of the sword. The guests had all become as silent as cicadas in winter.

Lin Qingyuan admired Long Xuan’s sword performance while enjoying the delicious wine.

Putting aside the unhappiness she felt from His Majesty trying to bestow marriage on her and Long Xuan, Long Xuan still looked quite manly when seeing him like this.

She picked up her wine cup and brought it to her lips. She had just taken a sip when she suddenly heard Bai He scream. Lin Qingyuan lifted her head and saw Long Xuan rushing toward her, sword in hand.

Her hands trembled from the fright and the cup she dropped the cup she was holding.

However, the cup did not hit the ground. In an instant, Long Xuan used his sword to catch the cup, which was now balancing on the blade. He looked at her with a small smile. “Miss Lin, can’t you even hold onto a wine cup?”

As she looked at the wine cup presented to her, Lin Qingyuan gave a start and suppressed the anger bubbling inside her. She stared furiously at him before reaching out to snatch back her cup from the tip of the sword.


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