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Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Did She Know No Shame

Housekeeper Chen’s worry finally subsided at these words, and he became a little gleeful instead.

“Your Highness, I find Second Miss’ behavior a little strange these few days. Today, she even gave me a prescription and asked me to buy medicinal materials for her.” As he spoke, he fished out a prescription sheet. “This is the copy I made. Please have a look, Your Highness.”

Hong Xiu immediately stepped forward to take it and handed it over to Lu Yunshuang.

Although Lu Yunshuang was unskilled in this field, she had read a few medical books taken from Madam Ling’s Fragrant Blooms Court, so she still possessed some degree of knowledge of medicine.

After she had read the list of materials, a startled expression appeared on her face. She turned to Long Chi, not knowing what to say. “Please have a look too, Your Highness…”

Long Chi was not familiar with medicine, but he still reached out and took the prescription sheet.

However, he was surprised to find that the materials listed were all common restorative medicines.

He was a little puzzled. “What does Lu Liangwei want these medicinal materials for?”

Lu Yunshuang blushed all of a sudden. After hesitating for a moment, she bit her lip and leaned over to him to whisper, “These medicinal materials are all used for boosting libido.”

At her words, Long Chi stared at her in shock.

Lu Yunshuang gave an embarrassed expression as if to suggest she was feeling ashamed of Lu Liangwei.

At the sight of her reaction, Long Chi’s disdain for Lu Liangwei deepened.

He had thought that that woman had turned over a new leaf after her close brush with death, but apparently, she was still the same terrible woman as before.

Did she know no shame, buying such medicinal materials as an unmarried lady?

Lu Yunshuang observed his expression carefully and finally let out a sigh of relief when she saw the unconcealable scorn on his face.

At the same time, she laughed at herself secretly for her earlier suspicions.

Given the degree of Long Chi’s contempt for Lu Liangwei, he would probably not change his opinion of her even if she died, so how could he possibly treat her differently all of a sudden?

She had been worrying for nothing!

After resolving the uneasiness in her heart, Lu Yunshuang became much more relaxed and cheerful. She looked at Housekeeper Chen kneeling on the floor and pressed, “Who has Second Miss been in contact with these few days? Or, has anyone been to the holiday home?”

Could it be that Lu Liangwei wanted these medicinal materials because she was hiding some indecent man in the holiday home?

Although Housekeeper Chen was the holiday home’s housekeeper and was in charge of all its affairs, he had not gathered any information on Lu Liangwei.

If he had not purchased medicinal materials for Lu Liangwei today, he would never have the opportunity to show his face in front of the Crown Princess.

Therefore, when he heard Lu Yunshuang’s question, he racked his brains to think of an answer.

He must not let the Crown Princess find out that he had not collected any information at all. If that happened, how would she value him in the future?

With that in mind, he replied with a bit of a nervous stammer, “I’ve been monitoring Second Miss’s every move, but apart from the Prince visiting the holiday home every day, no one else has come.”

Lu Yunshuang frowned, but as a sudden thought came to her, her eyes lit up in understanding.

“Alright, I understand. You may go and collect your reward. Remember to pay close attention to Second Miss and the Prince’s actions and report any unusual behavior as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Housekeeper Chen thanked her joyfully upon hearing the mention of his reward.

The moment he left, Lu Yunshuang grabbed Long Chi’s hand excitedly. She was so delighted that she could not suppress the smile splitting the corners of her mouth. “Your Highness, can you guess what kind of interesting thought I just had?”

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