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Chapter 1321: 1321 Long Yang’s Pride Of A Father

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1321 Long Yang’s Pride Of A Father

Long Xuan was walking behind Long Yang after the imperial court was over when he suddenly sneezed.

When Long Yang heard the sound, he observed the weather and asked, “Are you feeling chilly?”

Long Xuan lifted a hand and rubbed his nose. “I’m not cold, but somehow I feel that someone is cursing me behind my back.”

Long Yang darted a look at him. “It looks like you have too much free time on your hands lately.”

Long Xuan smiled bitterly. “Royal Uncle, I’ve traveled thousands of miles not long ago in search of Royal Aunt. I have only managed to rest for a few days. I’m not that free at all. I still haven’t gotten enough rest.”

“That’s enough. I shall not send you out anywhere for some time. I will have to wait until your wedding, after all,” Long Yang said as he entered the imperial study. When he saw the little yellow bird on the imperial table, his expression softened. He turned to Zhao Qian with instructions. “Find Ji’er and Lil Qi and bring them over here.”

“I’ll be on my way.” Zhao Qian immediately left upon receiving the order.

Long Xuan had also noticed the birdcage sitting on the imperial table but he was not in the mood to be distracted. He said with a troubled expression, “Royal Uncle, do I really need to get married?”

The question reminded Long Yang of a term Weiwei had used before and a small smile appeared on his lips as he said, “Are you planning to remain a stag your entire life?”

Long Xuan was taken aback, but realized what the word ‘stag’ must mean. He nodded. “There’s nothing wrong with being a stag.”

Long Yang glanced at him and sat down behind the table. He flipped open the Palace Memorial that required his attention, took a look at it, then lifted his brush to begin marking.

“Are you willing to break your mother’s heart?”

This nonchalant sentence was enough to deflate Long Xuan entirely.

“Let’s pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“If there’s nothing else, you can leave the Palace.” Long Yang found the sight of the young man standing motionlessly somewhat annoying, so he waved him off.

It was not long before Zhao Qian returned. Chu Qi followed behind with Ji’er in his arms.

“Master, Princess Ji’er and Lil Qi are here.”

Long Yang lifted his head and saw Ji’er nestled in Chu Qi’s arms. Her dark, round eyes were staring straight at the birdcage on the imperial table.

“Do you want the little bird, Ji’er?” Long Yang smiled when he saw her reaction and he used the end of his brush to tap the birdcage.

The little yellow bird began leaping about inside the birdcage in response to the noise and chirped continuously.

Ji’er began babbling when she saw this and her little arms reached out, waving them toward the birdcage.

Chu Qi immediately carried her over when he saw this.

Long Yang reached out to place Ji’er on his lap. He pulled the birdcage closer for Ji’er to observe it.

Ji’er was very fond of the little yellow bird. She had not missed the bird when she was away from it, but once she spotted it again, all her attention would be focused on it.

Chu Qi glanced at her for a moment and turned to follow Zhao Qian out of the imperial study.

According to Zhao Qian, he used to be a guard working right beside His Majesty. He was also the leader of the covert guards and a member of the imperial guard.

Now that he had regained his vision, he would need to pick up his duties once more.

Chu Qi did not object to this at all.

He would never run away from his responsibilities.

Lin Qingyuan accompanied Lu Liangwei at the Grand Phoenix Palace and they chatted away until noon.

Lu Liangwei wanted to invite her to stay for a meal, but Lin Qingyuan declined.

Even though she frequently visited the Palace, she still felt immense pressure when facing His Majesty. She found herself tip-toeing around him all the time and a strong authoritativeness constantly emanated from His Majesty naturally. Even when Weiwei was around and His Majesty would purposely dial back on this demeanor of his, Lin Qingyuan could not shake off her instinctive fear for the Emperor.

That was why she always refused to stay back in order to avoid facing him.

Lu Liangwei did not force her either.

Not long after Lin Qingyuan left, Long Yang came in with Ji’er in his arms.

Lu Liangwei was slightly surprised. “Why is Ji’er with you?”

A sincere smile appeared on Long Yang’s face as he looked at the obedient baby girl in his arms. “Now that Chu Qi has regained his sight, I’ve asked Zhao Qian to bring Chu Qi around to familiarize himself with his old job, so Ji’er is with me now.” He paused and, with the pride of a father, said, “I was the one taking care of her the entire morning.”

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