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Chapter 1322: 1322 Long Yang, ”Don’t You Like It?”

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1322 Long Yang, ”Don’t You Like It?”

When Lu Liangwei saw him so happy, she knew that Ji’er did not make a fuss that morning.

She was happy for him as well.

Ji’er did not reject them as frequently as before these few days. Without Chu Qi around, she was able to spend long periods of time with them, which was a good thing.

After handing Yin’er over to Nanny Want, Lu Liangwei got up and reached out to Ji’er. “Come into my arms, Ji’er.”

Ji’er was playing with a jade pendant that Long Yang always had on him.

When she heard Lu Liangwei’s voice, Ji’er lifted her pretty, dark eyes and quietly contemplated Lu Liangwei before reaching out with her little arms.

Lu Liangwei melted at the sight of her little action and her heart softened into an adoring mess.

When she hugged Ji’er’s soft, little body in her arms, Lu Liangwei gave Long Yang a proud yet provoking look, as if telling him that Ji’er loved to be carried by her as well.

Long Yang smiled but said nothing because he had carried Ji’er for the entire morning.

He turned away and carried Yaoyao, who was lying on the bed and playing with a toy windmill.

Yaoyao was fiddling with the colorful toy windmill and when she saw him, she threw it away and her little hands began grabbing about. She managed to grab his hair and she gave him a wide smile while babbling continuously.

“Looks like Yaoyao likes her father a lot.” Lu Liangwei felt really happy to see Yaoyao that way.

Long Yang carried Yaoyao in his arms and when he heard this, he glanced at her. “Don’t you like it?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She glanced at the servants and the two nannies by the side and glared at him in slight embarrassment.

Did he not know where they were? He should have waited when no one was around before he had a private conversation between husband and wife.

When Long Yang saw her embarrassed anger, a smile appeared on his lips and he said to Nanny Wang, “Give the little prince to me and all of you can leave first.”

Nanny Wang came forward as ordered and gave Long Yin to him.

Long Yang carried him over with one hand and he sat his son on his lap.

Long Yin glanced at him lazily and shut his eyes with disinterest.

Long Yang was used to his son’s cold attitude by now and was not too bothered.

When Yaoyao saw her older brother sleeping again, she quickly let go of her father’s hair and grabbed her brother’s clothes instead. She babbled continuously. No one knew what she was trying to say.

After the nannies and the servants left, Lu Liangwei sat beside Long Yang with Ji’er in her arms. She placed all three siblings closer to each other.

When Ji’er heard Yaoyao’s noisy voice, she could not help lifting her head to look at Yaoyao. When she saw her older sister disturbing their brother, she did the same and reached out to grab her brother’s clothes, babbling non-stop as well, as if not wanting to lose to Yaoyao.

Long Yin was annoyed by the noise his sisters were making and he opened his eyes.

He quietly watched his sisters grabbing at him with his ink-jet eyes that looked like dark glazes. He seemed to be thinking about how long they could disturb him.

Lu Liangwei watched how her son was able to maintain such a cool demeanor at his young age with a calm and unchanging expression, and she looked at Long Yang in astonishment.

“Were you this quiet as well when you were young?” She felt that Long Yin was more like His Majesty. It was not just the way he looked, but also the way he acted. Long Yin displayed his character at a very young age.

Long Yang shook his head. “I don’t really remember anymore, but I don’t think I was as lazy as he is. Just look at him always wanting to sleep and laze.”

“What do you mean lazy? He just has a calm personality.” Lu Liangwei did not like him talking about their son that way and she pouted, looking unhappy.

“Can’t I say a word against him?” Long Yang raised an eyebrow. If he was not carrying two children, he would have caressed her cheek. This woman had just given birth to three children and she was still so adorable.

“No, you can’t. Yin’er is such a good boy and I have never seen another child as obedient as him. You should be feeling happy about it and not criticize him this way.” Lu Liangwei snorted. “Besides, if Yin’er was lazy, he must have inherited it from you. You must be even lazier when you were younger.”


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