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Chapter 1336: 1336 Proving That There Is Nothing Wrong With You

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1336 Proving That There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Long Xuan broke out in cold sweat as he listened to the brothel girls’ voices getting further and further away. He could not help sneaking a glance at his Royal Uncle and saw him looking at his Royal Aunt with a slight smile on his face. It was a rather chilling sight.

“I’d like to ask Second Young Master Lu a question. What’s so fun about being here?”

Lu Liangwei also felt a little uncomfortable when she heard what the two girls said. Now that Long Yang had suddenly spoken up about it, she knew that His Majesty was not in a good mood.

She quickly moved her seat closer to him and gave him a pinch under the table. “They are the ones who have a problem. You shouldn’t listen to their nonsense.” She paused a moment and looked at his handsome face. “How about proving there is nothing wrong with you by getting a few girls here to accompany us?”

She had just said this when pain assaulted her hand under the table. She grunted quietly and said, “If you don’t want to, just say so. There’s no need to get angry.”

Long Xuan and Lin Qingyuan drank their tea quietly and pretended they did not see what had transpired between the Emperor and Empress.

It was not long before the selection ceremony of Peony Pavilion’s leading courtesan officially began.

The first candidate to appear was a young woman in a light blue dress.

She looked absolutely stunning, her appearance bearing resemblance to a graceful orchid in a mysterious valley.

There was an excited commotion among the crowd the moment she appeared.

Lin Qingyuan said, “That girl is called Xia Luo. I’ve heard that she was originally set to be the courtesan to take Yan Ruyu’s place.”

Lu Liangwei’s attention had also been grabbed by the woman. She watched the young woman standing alone on the stage, her beauty looking like it did not belong to this world, and sighed. “The girl has great character, but there is a kind of coldness about her.” As she said this, she turned to look at Lin Qingyuan. “If she was supposed to be the leading courtesan, what happened to change that?”

“Everything is up in the air right now because a young woman of exotic ethnicity appeared out of nowhere. I’ve heard that she has very fair skin and a seductive face, which makes her really stand out. The moment she appeared, the owner of Peony Pavilion could not decide on the leading courtesan anymore, which is why they will be choosing a leading courtesan tonight. The selection of the leading courtesan for Peony Pavilion is most likely between these two.”

Lu Liangwei nodded as she listened. “I see. How did you find out so much? Isn’t this your first time here?”

A bright look flashed in Lin Qingyuan’s eyes as she coughed lightly. “I have some free time recently and have been listening to storytellers at teahouses. As the selection of Peony Pavilion’s new leading courtesan has created a huge stir in the imperial capital, every teahouse has been talking about the subject. I’m not the only one. The entire imperial capital knows about this.”

When Lu Liangwei heard this, she said approvingly, “The owner must be really smart to make use of storytellers to boost the name of Peony Pavilion. The tea and snacks here tonight must not be cheap.”

“That’s true. If Long Xuan had not been personally acquainted with the brothel madam of Peony Pavilion, we might not have a place to sit tonight,” Lin Qingyuan added.

Long Xuan could feel his Royal Uncle’s gaze on him and he immediately felt his head buzz with numbness.

“Do you know the brothel madam here well?”

“Not really. We just happen to know each other.”

“Didn’t you know, Your Majesty? The current leading courtesan of Peony Pavilion is a good friend of his,” Lin Qingyuan blurted.

Long Xuan wished fervently to stuff her mouth with various cakes and snacks to stop her from talking.

Just as Long Xuan had feared, Long Yang darted a look at him the moment he heard Lin Qingyuan’s words. “I had no idea you had grown up so well, even becoming good friends with the leading courtesan.

Lu Liangwei gave Long Xuan a look of pity.

His Majesty was quite conservative with these matters. Even she had to beg him for ages to visit this place. Now that he found out his nephew had a messy connection to the brothel’s leading courtesan, Long Xuan was surely going to be taught a lesson.


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