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Chapter 1342: 1342

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1342 There’s A Price To Pay For Defamation

Lu Liangwei furrowed her brow and followed him.

Since their wedding, she had been staying in Grand Phoenix Palace. She seldom stayed here with Long Yang, and even the Emperor himself rarely came back here.

Even recently, when she had insisted on sleeping with their two children, he had been willing to squeeze into one bed with them instead of coming back here.

Therefore, when they landed in the courtyard of Hidden Dragon Palace, she thought he had gone to the wrong place.

Now, however, that did not seem to be the case.

Was Long Yang planning to stay the night here with her?

The candlelight dispelled the darkness, turning the room as bright as day.

“Are we going to sleep here tonight?” Lu Liangwei asked dubiously, glancing around at the brightly lit room.

Long Yang grunted in response. All of a sudden, he moved close to her and hugged her from behind.

Lu Liangwei was startled, and the next moment, she heard him whisper in her ear, “There’s a price to pay for defamation, you know.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart trembled as she abruptly recalled what she had said about him in Peony Pavilion.

Was the Emperor going to get even with her for that now?

Remembering his various ways of “torturing” her, she felt her legs go weak.

“I was just improvising…” she murmured diffidently.

Long Yang gazed at her silently with his deep, enigmatic eyes.

Fortunately, he soon released her.

Lu Liangwei had barely heaved a sigh of relief when he seized her hand and led her to the bathroom.

Although Long Yang hardly ever stayed here, Zhao Qian would still order the servants to clean the place every day.

The bathroom was no exception.

Therefore, when Lu Liangwei followed Long Yang into the bathroom, she was immediately enveloped in mist.


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