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Chapter 1346: 1346

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1346 Completely Replaced You

Lu Tingchen finally tore his gaze from his two nieces and turned to Lu Liangwei when he heard this. He said earnestly, “That’s ridiculous.”

Lu Liangwei looked a little happy at this, however, the next second, Lu Tingchen added, “Not only are they more important than you, but they have also completely replaced you.”

Lu Liangwei was dumbstruck.

“Mother, did you hear what Big Brother just said?” She immediately turned to Ling Lihua.

Ling Lihua frowned and looked at Lu Tingchen with disapproval. “How could you bully your younger sister? The three children are number one in our house. Your sister is second and you’re the last.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Her children’s status was now higher than hers in her family’s eyes?!

Long Yang walked over and squeezed her hand. A smile twinkled in his deep, dark eyes. “You’re number one in our family.”

Lu Liangwei found his remark very sweet. His Majesty treated her the best, after all.

She would always be number one in His Majesty’s heart.

Even though she was just joking along and did not really mind any of this, she was still happy to hear His Majesty say something like that.

Ling Lihua was quite glad to see His Majesty doting on Weiwei so much.

Lu Tingchen went over to Chu Jiu with Long Yin in his arms.

Chu Jiu felt a little uncomfortable with everyone watching. She was about to take a step back when the man suddenly grabbed her hand.

Lu Tingchen used some force and pulled her in front of him. After that, he introduced her to Long Yin. “Yin’er, this is your aunt.”

He said this very slowly and made sure to drag his words.

Everyone in the hall turned to look at them.

Chu Jiu’s face flushed red.

She struggled to pull her wrist away from his hands, but he was a strong man and it was not wise of her to make a large commotion in front of everyone.

A smile twinkled in Lu Tingchen’s dark eyes when he saw how bright red her face was.

He knew the woman got embarrassed easily and did not continue teasing her. Instead, he passed Long Yin to her and smiled. “Here, you carry him.”

Chu Jiu was secretly relieved that he did not continue his shenanigans.

She was also quite happy to see the little prince being carried over to her.

Chu Jiu had not gotten the opportunity to carry the little prince since she returned, and she immediately reached out to take him.

When Long Yin heard their voices, his clear, glazed eyes slowly opened. He darted a look at Chu Jiu, looking quite relaxed as he did so.

Chu Jiu paused for a moment when she saw his reaction. Then, a smile appeared on her cold, distant face. “The little prince may be young, but he is quite calm and collected.”

Lu Tingchen placed an arm around her shoulders and leaned in closer to her. He pretended to look at Long Yin, but he was actually taking in her scent.

Chu Jiu had not put on any makeup and she had changed into men’s attire when she returned from the frontier. Nevertheless, there was still the fragrance of the natural scent of her body.

Every time he got close to her, he would be attracted to her smell to the point of being intoxicated by it.

“Let’s have one of our own in the future too,” he said in a low voice.

Chu Jiu’s face turned red again and her breathing became more rapid. It was only then that she realized how close he was.

She could no longer tolerate this as she glared furiously at him. She mouthed, “Can you move back a little?”

His Majesty, Her Highness, the Grand Duchess, Zhu Yu, and everyone else were there.

She did not dare to meet their gaze.

Even though Lu Liangwei was standing some distance away with His Majesty, she noticed what her big brother was doing.

When she looked at his expression while he pushed himself on Chu Jiu, the corner of her mouth twitched.

She never thought her big brother could be such a hooligan!

Who was the one who had insisted on never wanting to get married?

She coughed lightly. She was so embarrassed that she had to intervene.

When Lu Tingchen heard his sister coughing, he finally relented and eased off. He raised an eyebrow at his sister and mouthed, “What’s wrong? Are you on His Majesty the only ones allowed to have a public display of affection? Are the rest of us aren’t allowed to?”

Lu Liangwei choked.


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