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Chapter 1347: 1347

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1347 Can’t Wait To See Him Groveling At Your Feet

That night, Long Yang and Lu Liangwei held a welcome banquet at the Palace for Ling Lihua and Lu Tingchen. They invited the Dowager Duchess as well.

While they were having tea in the hall, Lu Liangwei called Chu Jiu into her bed chamber. She took out a dress from her cupboard and asked Chu Jiu to change into it.

Chu Jiu had been wearing men’s clothes while traveling from the frontier back to the imperial capital as it was more convenient for the journey.

She hesitated when she saw the dress in Lu Liangwei’s hands.

“Can I not change into it?” She tried to negotiate herself out of it.

Lu Liangwei gave a cunning smile. “Nope. I can’t wait to see my big brother groveling at your feet.”

Chu Jiu smiled too. She did not tell Lu Liangwei that she had already worn a dress in front of Lu Tingchen before.

When she saw how impatient Her Highness was to see Lu Tingchen embarrass himself, she could not bear to reveal this to Lu Liangwei and settled with flashing a slightly helpless smile.

“Don’t you think this is a great idea? When you go out there in that dress, I guarantee that you will dazzle my brother into blindness.” Lu Liangwei beamed at her, thinking that Chu Jiu also approved of this. She passed Chu Jiu the dress and urged her to change into it at once.

When she saw Chu Jiu’s hesitation, she added seriously, “My grandmother will be coming into the Palace later. Even though we all know each other, it would be Grandmother’s first time seeing you since your relationship with my big brother has been cemented. You should change into the dress and let her have a good look at you.”

Chu Jiu got a little nervous when she heard this.

“Don’t be afraid. My grandmother is a benevolent and open-minded person. She has been worried about my big brother’s marriage prospects and she will surely be grateful to you, now that you’re willing to marry him.” Lu Liangwei quickly reassured her when she saw how nervous Chu Jiu was.

Chu Jiu felt much calmer after this. She put her sword down and went to change into the dress.

It was not long before Chu Jiu was done changing.

Lu Liangwei had picked out a light purple garment for her. After learning that her big brother wanted to marry Chu Jiu, she had several dresses made for Chu Jiu according to her measurements.

When she saw how different Chu Jiu looked when she wore the dress, Lu Liangwei could not help staring at her up and down. She exclaimed approvingly, “Chu Jiu, the dress suits you really well. You’re so pretty.”

The design of the dress was simple and the light purple color brought out Chu Jiu’s nobility. She stood gracefully without moving. A light piece of cloth of the same hue was draped over her arms and made her look exceptionally elegant.

Chu Jiu felt embarrassed by the praise, especially when it came from a great beauty like Her Highness.

She pinched her sleeves and her face turned red. “Your Highness is much too kind.”

“I’m not being polite about it, I truly believe what I said.” Lu Liangwei approached Chu Jiu and pulled her hand, getting her to stand in front of the dresser. “Just take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

Chu Jiu stood in front of the mirror and was taken aback to see her image.

“Pretty, am I right?” Lu Liangwei chuckled as she said. She got Chu Jiu to sit down and removed the hair stick in her hair. Her bright, black hair fell over her shoulders in that instant.

Lu Liangwei took a comb and helped brush her hair. “You’ll look even better with a different hairstyle.”

Chu Jiu was shocked by all the attention she was receiving and quickly stopped her. “Your Highness, let me do it myself.”

Lu Liangwei avoided her attempt to stop her. She raised an eyebrow and smiled. “You’re too used to having men’s hairstyle. Do you even know how to style a woman’s hair? Our relationship may be mistress and personal guard, but I’ve always treated you as a sister. Besides, you’ll be my sister-in-law very soon. You don’t need to be so nervous seeing as I’m just combing your hair.”

Chu Jiu had no choice but to stop resisting. She lowered her eyes and sighed gently. “I don’t deserve this.”

The Grand Duchess treated her very well and so did Her Highness. This had always made her feel like she was living in a dream.


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