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Chapter 1356: 1356 Who Could Possibly Imagine That The Emperor Was Like This In Private

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1356 Who Could Possibly Imagine That The Emperor Was Like This In Private

For an eight-month-old infant, being able to build a house like that was impressive.

Lu Liangwei had been astounded by this at first, but as Long Yin grew older and started manifesting more signs of his intelligence, she gradually got used to it.

All she could say was—heredity was truly a scary thing.

Long Yang was indeed raising Long Yin as his successor.

Since Long Yin turned four months old, Long Yang had been taking him to the imperial study every day to watch him mark Palace Memorials. Through constant observation, Long Yin was now able to read some simple books.

Sometimes, Long Yang would even take Long Yin to court.

Even when facing an entire hall of court officials, he was never frightened in the slightest.

From his position on the throne, he would let his gaze sweep over the court officials calmly.

The officials were shocked by how much his aura and expression resembled his father’s.

Ji’er flipped through the pages of the book. Pointing at one of the characters, she tugged on Long Yang’s robe with her other hand and made a few babbling sounds.

Long Yang arched an eyebrow in surprise, then the corners of his mouth quirked into a smile. “This character is pronounced as ‘Long’—the same ‘Long’ in Long Ji’er.”

Long Ji’er looked confused for a moment, but she soon understood and pointed her tiny finger at the next character.

Long Yang explained each character to her patiently.

Yaoyao sat in Lu Liangwei’s arms eating some cake, smearing crumbs all over her cheeks.

Lu Liangwei took a handkerchief and wiped her face.

Yaoyao stopped when she had eaten half of the cake, but remembering that she had been taught not to waste food, she thrust the rest of the cake toward Lu Liangwei’s mouth.

Lu Liangwei opened her mouth and took only one bite, then pointed at Long Yang. “Let your father have it.”

Yaoyao obediently clambered off her lap and moved toward her father.

Long Yang was in the midst of teaching Ji’er how to read when Yaoyao crawled into his lap and smeared a piece of cake across his face.

When he realized what it was, the corners of his mouth twitched.

Babies did not have a good sense of spatial awareness. She had intended to put it in his mouth but ended up missing the mark and covering his face in crumbs.

Long Yang looked wearily at Yaoyao, who stared back at him with an innocent expression, then reached out and took the cake from her.

Next to them, Lu Liangwei chortled.

Long Yang shot her a look. “Come here.”

Lu Liangwei hurriedly stopped laughing and shook her head. “No, I need to watch Yin’er.”

Long Yin was playing with the toy bricks on the bed, so close to the edge that he could fall off if he were not careful.

However, when he heard what his mother said, his gemstone-like eyes flickered at her.

If he could speak, he would definitely be saying, “I’m not going to fall off. You’re worrying for nothing, Mother.”

Long Yang placed Ji’er and Yaoyao on the bed, then made his way over to Lu Liangwei and pulled her onto his lap.

Lu Liangwei was about to protest when he suddenly brought his face close to hers. “Help me wipe off the crumbs.”

Lu Liangwei could not help but chuckle at the sight of the crumbs on his face. If his subjects were to see this, their jaws would definitely hit the floor.

Who could possibly imagine the dignified and fearsome Emperor having his face humiliatingly smeared with cake by his daughter in private?

Stifling her laughter, she took out her handkerchief and wiped his face clean.

“All right, all clean.” Putting her handkerchief away, Lu Liangwei was about to stand when something soft touched her lips. Before she knew it, the sweet cake was already transferred into her mouth.

Her first reaction was to glance in the direction of the three children.

Thankfully, they were too busy playing on the bed to notice them.

She secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Does it taste good?” Long Yang beamed at her.

Lu Liangwei punched him in annoyance. “Watch your behavior. The children are getting older already.”

“You worry too much.” Long Yang pinched her nose and finished the rest of the cake together with her.

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