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Chapter 1359: 1359

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1359 Don’t You Dare Bully Her

Lu Liangwei was surprised.

She did not expect that her brother would think that way.

Moreover, it seemed as if he had made this decision a long time ago.

Pursing her lips to suppress the sadness in her heart, she asked, “Does Jiu know about this?”

“Yes, I’ve already discussed this with her. She said she’ll go with whatever I decide.” Lu Tingchen’s eyes grew soft at the mention of Jiu.

“But the frontier’s a bleak and barren place, and you two are going there right after your wedding…” Lu Liangwei was dubious.

“Jiu’s not your typical young woman. She’s strong, brave, and resilient. The frontier’s environment won’t be a problem for her at all,” Lu Tingchen said confidently.

Lu Liangwei knew too that Jiu was no ordinary woman.

After all, no ordinary person could become the Emperor’s covert guard.

She also knew that her brother would not change his decision, but it still did not stop her from feeling dismayed.

Just when they had finally reunited, he was going to leave again.

Swallowing her sorrow, she reminded him, “Jiu may be strong, but she’s still a woman. You have to take care of her, cherish her, and shower her with all your affection.”

Lu Tingchen stroked her hair and said with feigned annoyance, “I will. You’re so worried about Jiu, it’s like she’s your real sister.”

“Well, if you weren’t going to marry her, I’d definitely become blood sisters with her. But she’s going to be my sister-in-law, so it’s not much different anyway. Don’t you dare bully her!” Lu Liangwei said solemnly.

Lu Tingchen replied in amusement, “I won’t. It’s getting late; I’ll walk you back.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to refuse as he needed to rest early for the wedding ceremony tomorrow, but remembering that he was going to leave for the frontier with Jiu after their wedding, she choked back her words. “All right.”

Lu Tingchen escorted her to the entrance of Dusklight Court. He stood in the doorway and watched her go in before turning and heading back to Constellation Harvest Court.

When Lu Liangwei entered the room, all three children were already asleep. The room was only illuminated by two candles.

Long Yang had already taken his bath, and his hair hung loosely over his shoulders. He was reclining on the soft bed, reading a book in his hands.

He looked up when Lu Liangwei walked in. “You’re back.”

“Mm-hmm.” Lu Liangwei nodded and glanced at the inner room. “Are the children asleep?”

“Yes,” Long Yang answered.

Lu Liangwei walked over to him and took the book from his hands. “Don’t read in dim light. It’s bad for your eyes.”

“You weren’t around, and I got bored, so I did some reading to pass the time.” Long Yang pulled her onto his lap. “What did you talk about with your brother?”

Lu Liangwei glanced at him, then suddenly said a little gloomily, “Big Bro said he and Jiu are going to the frontier after their wedding. You already knew that, didn’t you?”

Long Yang paused. “Your brother told you everything?”

“Yes.” Lu Liangwei was glum.

“Your brother made that choice himself. He told me not to tell you because he didn’t want you to be sad.” Long Yang took her into his arms, sounding somewhat resigned as well. “But he’s also doing this for our sake.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. She did not blame him either.

Moreover, it was indeed Big Bro’s own choice. For generations, the Lu Family had pledged its loyalty to the imperial court and achieved notable accomplishments for the kingdom.

However, she also knew that he had decided to leave for the frontier mainly for the sake of her and the Emperor.

By guarding the frontier, he could alleviate the Emperor’s worries and ensure the stability of Great Shang.

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