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Chapter 1364: 1364

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1364 It Was Hard To Tell Who Had Taken The Initiative

Lu Liangwei instructed someone to get Long Xuan over after helping Lin Qingyuan out of Constellation Harvest Court.

Long Xuan was drinking with his colleagues at the wedding banquet and was forced to leave when he heard that his Royal Aunt was looking for him. He went straight toward Constellation Harvest Court.

Lu Liangwei pushed Lin Qingyuan into his arms the moment he arrived and she said hurriedly, “Lin Qingyuan got drunk after having a few drinks. Hurry up and bring her home. I have something to attend to and I need to leave now.” With that, she disappeared before Long Xuan could react.

Long Xuan, “…”

By the time he realized what had happened, he figured it did not seem right to push or carry the woman lying in his arms when he lowered his head to look at her.

This was too sudden.

They were married for more than a month and had never gotten this close and intimate before.

Now that a woman was suddenly pushed into his arms, his entire body instantly stiffened.

Unfortunately for him, this woman did not keep her hands to herself. She touched and squeezed him here and there.

Long Xuan had no idea if it was the drinking or if was it because of some other reason that caused his entire face to turn red.

He could only clench his teeth and lift her into his arms since pushing her away was not an option. He quickly left the Grand Duke Mansion.

Lin Qingyuan got even more extreme when they got into the horse-drawn carriage.

There was a point when Long Xuan even thought that she was pretending to be drunk.

When she pressed against him again, he reached out to grab her face, warning her, “Stop moving around, Lin Qingyuan, or I’ll throw you out of the carriage.”

This hurt Lin Qingyuan and her glazed, intoxicated eyes opened to size him up. When she saw his face clearly, she suddenly slapped him and said in a drunken stupor, “Long Xuan, you pig. I won’t allow you to make a move on me. Get away from me right now!”

Long Xuan was so furious, his face turned blue.

Just look at how they were positioned right now. Who was making a move on who exactly?

Besides, they were now husband and wife. Even if he did take advantage of her, there was nothing wrong with it.

However, he had no intention of doing such a thing and released her awkwardly.

The moment she was free of him, Lin Qingyuan took the opportunity of being drunk to lean in closer. “Long Xuan, do you like men?”

Long Xuan was stunned to see her face suddenly appearing in front of him.

He realized he had never taken a closer look at this woman.

Now that she was right in front of him, he noticed that Lin Qingyuan was quite pretty.

Even though she was not a ravishing beauty like his Royal Aunt was, she had a refreshingly adorable look.

Her skin was fair. She had bright teeth and red lips, and her eyes were pretty. There was also a gentle fragrance about her which was mingled with the scent of liquor. Locked within this confined, little space, the aroma had a sense of enticement to it.

Lin Qingyuan stared at him in a daze.

She had drunk quite a lot and the alcohol had just hit her. She felt dizzy, but not to the point where she could not tell what was going on.

She gulped at the sight of the handsome face in front of her.

It was hard to tell who had taken the initiative. There was electricity in the air, and their lips touched.

It felt like the carriage suddenly moved slower and Long Xuan, who was holding Lin Qingyuan in his arms, got a little frustrated. He yelled out in a husky voice, “Hurry back to the mansion!”

The coachman had heard the commotion in the carriage and his forehead was covered in sweat. When the general roared the instructions, he did not delay and immediately sped up.

It was lucky that it was late at night and there was no one on the streets. The carriage sped on and they reached the West Reigning General Mansion in no time.

Long Xuan wrapped Lin Qingyuan in his cloak and got out of the carriage the moment it stopped.

He moved forward impatiently at a very fast pace, reaching Lin Qingyuan’s Sunset Court quickly.

Bai He heard the commotion and came out. She was surprised to see the general carrying her Miss inside, but she still went forward to welcome them. “General, Miss is…”

Before she could finish, Long Xuan roared at her. “Get out!”

Bai He was shocked and when she walked out of the room, she saw the general’s fair forehead covered in sweat while her Miss was wrapped up tight in a cloak while in his arms. Only her long, dark hair could be seen falling out.

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