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Chapter 1379: 1379 Her Face Turned Red With Great Embarrassment

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1379 Her Face Turned Red With Great Embarrassment

He had arrived quite some time ago now, and they were still treating him like air.

He sighed and sat next to Lin Qingyuan.

It would be better for him to just take his food by himself!

Expecting either woman to help him with his meal would be impossible right now.

The entire meal was spent watching Lin Qingyuan and Madam Shen being excessively cordial toward each other.

After they were done, Madam Shen held Lin Qingyuan’s hand and said, “Yuan’er, please accompany me for prayers at Tianzhu Temple the day after tomorrow.”

Lin Qingyuan was unable to reject a nice, old woman like Madam Shen. She had nothing much on her schedule anyway, so she agreed immediately. “Alright.”

Madam Shen smiled happily.

They chatted for a while longer before Madam Shen finally noticed her son. She was a little surprised. “Why haven’t you gone off yet? Don’t you have work to do today?”

This made Long Xuan moody. Did she only notice him now after he had waited for so long?

He sighed. “There isn’t much work today.”

“Oh,” Madam Shen replied and turned to continue chatting with Lin Qingyuan.

She mostly talked about the types of vegetables she had grown in her garden, the new types of vegetables that were recently planted, and how many eggs the hens had laid. She also chatted about which shop sold the cheapest cloth and similar everyday topics.

Nevertheless, Lin Qingyuan was not annoyed at all and could even chime in with a few opinions.

Long Xuan was amazed by what he saw.

It looked like they knew each other quite well and it was not awkward at all between them.

So, was this how they spent time with each other while he was busy with work?

He knew his mother very well. Before they met his Royal Uncle, they lived a very financially restrained life. Even after his Royal Uncle had made living arrangements for them, his mother did not change her frugal habits.

Even though Long Xuan was able to make a living for his family now and there was no need for his mother to live such a hard life, she kept her old habits and built a garden in the backyard for vegetables. She even kept chickens and ducks to supply their daily meal.

Long Xuan had never made any attempts to change her. In his heart, the most important thing was for his mother to be happy after having to work so hard for half her life.

Before marrying Lin Qingyuan, he was not sure of how the young woman would react to these habits, but he did not think much of it because even if she was averse to it, there was nothing she could do about it.

Nevertheless, he was still relieved to see them getting along so well.

Lin Qingyuan was the one who had greatly surprised him today.

She was the noble daughter of an affluent family and was used to a life of being pampered, yet she was able to chat happily with his mother, which was unexpected.

Lin Qingyuan chatted with Madam Shen for a little while longer before deciding to return to Sunset Court for a short rest. She did not get much sleep the last night and felt a little tired.

She had just walked out the door when Long Xuan caught up to her from behind.

When he walked next to her, his tall and muscled body cast a large shadow over her.

She turned to look at him with slight annoyance.

Long Xuan was puzzled.

He could not fathom how she could be chatting so happily with his mother a second before but give him an upset look the very next moment.

He paused at this and looked her up and down.

Lin Qingyuan’s head went numb when she noticed this and she immediately put some distance between them. She glared at him warily. “What are you doing?”

Long Xuan frowned. He reached out to hold her shoulder. “Are you still feeling uncomfortable?”

Lin Qingyuan was uncomfortable with him suddenly getting closer to her.

She was about to say something about it when Long Xuan suddenly placed his hand behind her back and carried her in his arms.

Lin Qingyuan was taken by surprise.

The reality of the situation only hit her when they had walked some distance and she struggled slightly. “Put me down now. This isn’t appropriate!” Her eyes swept around and when she saw the servants covering their mouths and chuckling, her face turned red with great embarrassment.


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