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Chapter 138: 138

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Chapter 138: Long Yang Dramatically Appeared

His small hope for some luck immediately vanished and he immediately declared his loyalty. “Second Miss Lu, I know what to do now. If the Crown Princess makes any strange move, I will report it to you in full transparency.”

Lu Liangwei was very satisfied with his comprehension of the situation and tossed a porcelain bottle next to his foot. “Take this and it will guarantee you half a month of comfort. The sores and pustules on your body will immediately heal as well. As for getting the antidote again half a month later, it would depend on your performance.”

Housekeeper Chen picked up the porcelain bottle. There were mixed feelings within him.

His life was now in the hands of Second Miss Lu.

There was bitter remorse in him. If he knew this would happen, he would never have been greedy for riches and luxury, and would not end up in this situation.

After Housekeeper Chen took the antidote, he realized that his tongue no longer felt pain. It would hurt every time he swallowed his saliva.

He did not need to look into the mirror to guess that there were no longer any pustules on him as the sores on his tongue were gone and the bottom of his feet no longer hurt.

“Thank you, Second Miss Lu!” Housekeeper Chen said in awe and fear.

“You may take your leave. I’ll call for you again when I need you,” Lu Liangwei said as she waved him away.

It was only then that Housekeeper Chen left.

She was not worried at all about Housekeeper Chen betraying her unless he did not want to live anymore.

The afternoon came. Lu Liangwei was sunning her medicinal materials when Lu Tingchen entered from outside at that moment. There was a follower behind him that was dressed as a guard.

Lu Liangwei was a little surprised that Lu Tingchen was back so early, but did not think too much about it.

“Big Brother, you’re back early today,” she said casually as her hands continued busying with the herbs.

Lu Tingchen replied with a grunt. “Weiwei, come to my room for a while.”

Lu Liangwei replied, “Okay, I’ll head in after I’m done with these.”

She concentrated on the work at hand and did not notice the gaze that fell upon her.

By the time she lifted her head, all she saw was a tall man in a green guard’s uniform following Lu Tingchen into the room.

She thought the back of that figure looked a little familiar but could not remember where or when had she seen it.

By the time she was done with her work and had gone looking for Lu Tingchen in the room, Lu Tingchen was gone, but the guard dressed in green was sitting comfortably on the chair at the table.

She thought this was a little strange. When did a guard working for her brother was allowed to behave so blatantly?

There was no one else in the room and she had no intention of entering. She was about to turn away when the guard, whose back was facing her, suddenly turned his head toward her.

Seeing the guard’s face, she was stunned momentarily before blurting, “Why is it you?”

The man had dramatically appeared to be Long Yang, who was supposed to be in the Palace.

He was wearing the Grand Duke Mansion’s guard uniform, but it was still quite difficult to disguise his noble and authoritative figure. He looked dignified and valiant and his presence filled the room with a pressurizing atmosphere.

When he saw her shocked reaction, an upward curve unwittingly appeared on Long Yang’s lips. His voice was warm. “Did I shock you?”

Lu Liangwei snapped out from her daze. She had suddenly seen him once again, but it was here and the Emperor was actually dressed up as a guard. Lu Liangwei was indeed a little astonished.

However, this did not seem appropriate to voice out loud. Instead, she shook her head. “Not really.”

It only took one look from Long Yang to see through her thoughts, but he did not say anything. He smiled and pointed to the chair opposite him. “Take a seat.”

Lu Liangwei had suddenly remembered that she should have given him a respectful bow, but he did not seem to be bothered about the formality and she happily decided to go along with it.

She sat on the chair opposite him politely and properly as she asked, “Is there anything the matter for Your Majesty to visit our holiday house?”

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