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Chapter 1380: 1380

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1380 Or I’ll Dress You Myself

“It’s not the first time I’m carrying you anyway.” Long Xuan was not bothered by the onlookers. “I carried you like this yesterday too. If you are feeling uncomfortable, there is no need to force yourself.”

Lin Qingyuan looked at his calm expression and frowned. She was having mixed feelings about this.

When they arrived at Sunset Court, Long Xuan carried her into the room immediately and placed her on the bed.

“You don’t look very well. Get some sleep and I’ll wake you up for lunch in the afternoon.”

Lin Qingyuan was about to say something when he suddenly bent down in front of her and held her ankle.

She was taken aback, uncertain of what he was going to do. He reached out to take the embroidered shoes off her feet and placed them neatly at the side.

Before she could recover from the surprise, she suddenly felt his hand rub her head. He said gently, “Lie down and have some sleep.”

Lin Qingyuan felt a little dizzy and ended up listening to him obediently.

She fluttered her eyes open after he left.

Why had she obeyed him?

Not to mention, Long Xuan must be suddenly treating her nicely because he was harboring carnal desires for her.

This thought felt like cold water pouring over her and she felt dejected again.

However, it was not long before she fell asleep, presumably due to her exhaustion.

She had no idea how long she had slept when she felt someone nudge her lightly on the arm. She slowly woke up.

She opened her sleepy eyes and saw a handsome face right in front of her, but she did not react.

She just stared at the face in a daze.

Long Xuan’s arm was propped next to her pillow, and he saw her silently staring at him after opening her eyes. Amused, he reached out to pinch her nose.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you know who I am?”

Lin Qingyuan could not breathe with her nose pinched and this woke her up fully. She slapped his hand away.

“What are you doing?”

Long Xuan’s gaze fell on her delicious, rosy lips and he gulped.

He was planning to wake her up by kissing her if she continued to be in a daze.

He thought of this with slight regret and said, “If you don’t wake up, the food will be cold.” With that, he took the dress she had hung on the folding screen down and flung it onto the blanket. “Hurry up or I’ll dress you myself.”

The expression on Lin Qingyuan’s face changed when she heard this. “No one asked you to be a busybody.”

However, her face turned red.

Long Xuan’s dark eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the coquettish look on her face.

Lin Qingyuan glared at him when she saw him leaning against the table without any indication of leaving. She covered herself with the blanket and pulled the bed netting down to cover herself.

What a scoundrel he was! He did not plan to leave when she was changing!

Unknown to her, her silhouette behind the thin netting did not leave much room for the imagination.

Long Xuan stared at the curvy figure behind the bed netting as he leaned against the table. He felt his throat tighten.

The look in his eyes darkened and he suddenly lifted his feet and strode forward to pull apart the netting.

Lin Qingyuan had already put on her dress and her head was lowered as she fastened her belt.

She was startled when the bed netting was suddenly pulled open. However, when she saw who the culprit was, she got annoyed. She was about to berate him when she met the dark look in his eyes and the words she was about to spout were lost.

Long Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and he leaned toward her, tearing off the dress she had just put on.

Lin Qingyuan was about to scream when her lips were covered by his.

The food had gone cold by the time they left the room.

Fortunately, Bai He had been astute and ordered for the food to be reheated when she noticed both of them were taking a long time.

When they finally appeared, she immediately arranged for the food to be placed on the table.

After getting into their seats, Lin Qingyuan glared at the offender rather angrily.

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