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Chapter 1391: 1391

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1391 Alcohol Always Messes Things Up

Long Xuan smoothed over her awkward predicament by coughing lightly and placing his hand on Madam Shen’s shoulder to say, “She’s just been to the hot spring. You should enjoy it on your own, Mother.”

Even though his mother was a woman, he did not want Yuan’er’s dainty body to be exposed to another person. Besides, there were so many marks on her, anyone could tell what had just happened with one look. He was worried someone as conservative as his mother would be shocked by it.

Madam Shen did not know what was going through her son’s mind. She could only relent when she heard his words. “Alright.” It sounded like she found it quite a pity.

She wanted to go with Yuan’er as it would be nice to have someone accompany her.

The day was still early after they had dinner and Long Xuan suggested taking a walk in the garden. Madam Shen had been listening to Buddhist chants at Tianzhu Temple the entire day and was feeling tired. She shook her head and said, “You two go ahead. I’m feeling a little tired. I’ll take some rest first.”

Lin Qingyuan wanted to find an excuse to get out of it as well, but Long Xuan had already grabbed her hand and was pulling her toward the garden.

The moon was resplendent that night. It shone brightly and stars were scattered across the sky. It looked like silver frost was covering the entire garden.

It was the most beautiful time during the Spring season. The wonderful scent of flowers filled the whole area as they stood in the garden.

For once, Lin Qingyuan stayed quiet while walking next to Long Xuan.

He did not release her hand after a long time and Lin Qingyuan struggled against his hold, signaling for him to let her go.

However, Long Xuan pretended not to notice and led her to a pavilion at the side.

He looked at the bright moon in the sky and his dainty wife next to him. Long Xuan was suddenly in the mood for a drink and he instructed Bai He, “Warm a pot of wine and bring it over.”

“Yes, General.” Bai He immediately left to get it done.

Lin Qingyuan looked at him with slight surprise. She wondered why he suddenly wanted to drink.

She had tasted alcohol before and she found it quite unagreeable. She had no idea why people would enjoy drinking so much.

Bai He was quick to return. Not only had she warmed the wine, but she had also even prepared some snacks to go with it.

She retreated from the pavilion after arranging everything on the table.

Long Xuan picked up the pot of wine and looked at Lin Qingyuan, who was opposite him. “Do you want a cup?”

Lin Qingyuan was about to reject him when he poured her a cup on his own accord and placed it in front of her.

She stared at the cup of wine in front of her, not knowing what to say.

If he would not allow her to reject it, why did he even bother to ask?

She did not touch the cup, but picked up her chopsticks to eat the peanuts in front of her.

Long Xuan did not push her any further. He turned the cup around with his fingers and picked it up to finish the wine in one gulp.

Lin Qingyuan was a little flabbergasted to see him enjoying his drink so much despite drinking alone.

He finished half a pot in a blink of an eye and she could not help reminding him, “Hey, stop drinking so much. You’re going to get drunk at this rate.”

Long Xuan’s slender fingers held onto the empty cup as he looked at her with narrowed eyes. “Are you worried about me?”

Lin Qingyuan felt a little uncomfortable. “No, I’m not.”

Long Xuan smiled when he heard this. He did not take her words to heart. He picked up the pot and filled up his empty cup once more.

Lin Qingyuan stopped trying to talk him out of drinking this time.

She lowered her head and continued eating the snacks.

Bai He had prepared a large variety of food.

There were peanuts, braised beef, crispy lotus roots, and dried bean curds.

She tasted each of these snacks.

However, she found the food a little too salty after sampling all the food and got thirsty very soon.

She looked at the light blue liquid in front of her. She hesitated before picking up the cup for a sip.

Even though she would not get drunk with just one cup, she could not hold her liquor well.

It was only because she had drunk too much during Lu Tingchen and Chu Jiu’s wedding that she had gotten drunk.

If she had not gotten drunk that night, nothing would have happened between her and Long Xuan and they would still be a couple who respected each other with some distance.

Alcohol always messes things up.

That incident ended up as a warning for her to never consume alcohol that readily ever again.

She drank one mouthful and placed the cup down.

She was about to tell Long Xuan that she would be going to bed when she saw Long Xuan suddenly hold his head and rubbed it. Right after that, he set his head down on the stone table.

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