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Chapter 1400: 1400 Am I Going To Die

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1400 Am I Going To Die

The carriage hurtled all the way out of the city, carrying both of them.

Just then, Lin Qingyuan sensed that something was wrong.

She and Bai He had landed quite loudly on top of the carriage, so the person inside should have noticed something.

However, the carriage owner did not stop to check; on the contrary, the carriage was picking up its pace.

Both mistress and maidservant exchanged dubious looks.

Bai He whispered, “What if there’s also a bad person inside?”

Lin Qingyuan was uncertain too.

“What should we do now?”

“Let’s just wing it later,” Lin Qingyuan replied in a low voice. Even though they had sensed something suspicious, she could not panic right now.

Right then, they heard the sound of thundering hooves.

They looked behind them, only to see the female leader and her gang riding after them on horseback. Soon, they caught up with them and stopped the carriage.

The female leader gestured at Lin Qingyuan with her horsewhip. “I’ll give you one more chance. If you come back with us obediently, I’ll let what happened just now slide, but if not…” She scanned the surroundings. “You’ll meet your end here in the middle of nowhere.”

Lin Qingyuan’s eyes glinted. She had just been wondering how to halt the carriage.

Now, the carriage had finally stopped. Although the person inside had not revealed themselves yet, she had a feeling that they were no friend of theirs.

Now was their chance.

“Don’t kill us. We’ll go down right now,” Lin Qingyuan said with feigned fear. While the ruffians were not paying attention, she abruptly hurled an object in their direction.

A loud bang rang out as something exploded, and the next instant, thick smoke filled the air.

The female leader was the first to fall off her horse with a thud.

Unable to cover their mouths and noses in time, the others toppled off their horses one after another as well.

Just then, a figure darted out of the carriage.

When the smoke cleared, Lin Qingyuan and Bai He were already nowhere to be seen.

At this moment, they were fleeing into the nearby trees, carrying their cloth bundles on their backs.

After making sure that no one was chasing them, they stopped running and flopped down onto the grass, panting.

“Miss, they won’t come after us anymore, will they?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Qingyuan shook her head.

After she had flung the medicinal ball, they had jumped off the carriage and dashed all the way here.

She was so exhausted that she felt like passing out. She had never sprinted like this before in her entire life, so it was natural that her body could not keep up.

“But to be safe, we should get out of here quickly.”

After resting for a while, Lin Qingyuan got to her feet and pulled Bai He up with her, ready to continue on their way.

Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound in the bushes.

Curious, Lin Qingyuan was about to turn and look when she felt something cold and slimy on her ankle.

Before she could react, a sharp pain shot through that area.

She lowered her head, only to realize that a snake as thick as a thumb had coiled itself around her ankle.

“Ahh, a snake!” she shrieked and stamped her foot frantically to shake the snake off.

Alarmed, Bai He grabbed a stick off the ground and swung it at the snake’s head.

She managed to kill the snake, but Lin Qingyuan collapsed to the ground in a heap, wailing at the sight of her swollen foot. “Bai He, am I going to die?”

Bai He’s face was as pale as a sheet. Although she had no medical knowledge, she could tell from the black blood oozing out of her mistress’s wound that the snake was venomous.

At a loss for what to do, she crouched down and offered anxiously, “Get on my back, Miss. I’ll carry you back to the city to see a physician.”

Lin Qingyuan hesitated as she stared at Bai He’s small and thin figure, but she knew that this was the only way right now.

Just when she was about to climb onto her back, a person walked into the trees briskly.

“What happened?”

Bai He was stunned when she realized who it was, but the next instant, she cried out as if she had found their savior, “Heir Presumptive Chen, my mistress has been bitten by a venomous snake! Please save her!”

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