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Chapter 204: 204

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Chapter 204: It Was Slightly Ticklish, and His Heart Throbbed in Excitement

“Grandmother, Father, since you have both come to a decision, you can go on and find Weiwei an honest, dependable adopted son-in-law,” Lu Tingchen suggested.

The Dowager Duchess gave this some thought and asked, “You agree with Weiwei continuing to stay with us?”

“Why not?” Lu Tingchen asked. The Grand Duke Mansion was huge and the more the merrier. Otherwise, it would be too quiet.

Besides, he only had Weiwei as a sister. Rather than marrying her off to another family, it would be better to get an adopted son-in-law. That way, both siblings would be able to live under one roof their entire lives.

“I’ve only got one sister, Weiwei. I would be more than happy if she is willing to stay with us here.”

The Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian ignored the fact that he did not view Lu Yunshuang as his sister.

However, the Dowager Duchess was happy to see him so protective over his sister. “If you don’t object to Weiwei getting an adopted son-in-law, I’ll try to find out her opinion on this. I will make arrangements for it if only she is truly willing.”

Lu Hetian could finally let go of the worry in his heart. He suddenly felt light-hearted and happy. Even though he did not want his daughter to be married off, it would be different if they got an adopted son-in-law. That way, his daughter did not need to be married off to suffer at her in-laws. She would be able to stay with her own family her whole life and he would be able to see her every day.

“Mother, I think Weiwei’s idea is very good,” he said, slightly excited.

The Dowager Duchess darted him a look. She knew very well what he was thinking about.

Although, the Lu family did not have many children. If Weiwei could stay with the Lu family, any child she has in the future would be born bearing the Lu surname. This was something that she was happy to see.

Besides, the Lu family today did not need any political marriage to strengthen their status. All she wanted was for her granddaughter to be happy.

“That’s enough for today. Let me talk to Weiwei tomorrow about this matter before making any decisions,” the Dowager Duchess concluded.

Dusklight Court.

Lu Liangwei had no idea that her family was secretly discussing and planning her marriage.

She prepared to take her bath after returning from the Palace.

She washed her hair and Zhu Yu helped to twist her hair dry with a piece of cloth.

“That would be all. You’re tired too. You should get to rest.”

Zhu Yu yawned. The relationship between mistress and maid was now closer and Zhu Yu did not argue with her.

“I’ll head off to bed then. You shouldn’t stay up too late either,” Zhu Yu could not help reminding when she saw Lu Liangwei picking up a book before she left.

“I know,” Lu Liangwei replied with a smile.

It was not the month of May. The weather was neither cold nor hot. She picked up a book on medicine and walked toward the window. She planned to read it while waiting for her wet hair to dry.

She opened the window and the wonderfully relaxing scent of flowers came wafting in. She could not help closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath.

When she opened her eyes, a slender figure was standing in front of her.

It was quite frightening when a figure appeared all of a sudden under the dim, dusk light.

Lu Liangwei was shocked and she felt her heart tightened from fear. She almost screamed out loud.

A slender hand reached out to cover her mouth just in time.

“Don’t scream,” a man’s low voice fell into her ears. There was an intimidating aura about it.

Lu Liangwei felt relieved upon seeing the person’s face.

She blinked a few times. Her long, thick eyelashes brushed onto the man’s palms like mini brushes. It was slightly ticklish, and his heart throbbed in excitement.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the young girl’s petite face, no larger than a palm, being covered with his hand. It looked exquisitely dainty. Her bright, black eyes looked as if they were misty as she stared blankly at him.

When Lu Liangwei noticed he was not releasing his hand, she quickly nodded.

Seeing that, the man unwillingly removed his hand.

That soft, delicate sensation on his palm was something he could not help to muse and reflect.

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