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Chapter 220: 220

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Chapter 220: Suffering From Some Secret Illness

Lu Yunshuang’s fingers brushed the exquisite embroidery on her handkerchief. “Something’s not right. Grandmother and Father would not be choosing a bridegroom for Lu Liangwei in this manner for no reason. There has to be some ulterior motive behind this, don’t you think?”

Hong Xiu gave Lu Yunshuang a startled look. “What ulterior motive could there be?”

Lu Yunshuang recalled the news that Housekeeper Chen had reported to her.

Back then, for no apparent reason, Lu Liangwei had purchased quite a lot of restorative medicines for the purpose of treating a man’s prowess. Lu Yunshuang had had her suspicions at the time.

Now that her grandmother and father were using the arena matches to choose a bridegroom for Lu Liangwei, was it not a confirmation of what she had suspected all along?

It looked like Lu Tingchen was suffering from some secret illness. For the sake of continuing the Lu family line, her grandmother and father had no choice but to forsake their dignity and publicly seek an adopted son-in-law for Lu Liangwei.

Now that she had figured things out, Lu Yunshuang sneered.

To look at him, one genuinely could not tell that someone as normally high-spirited as Lu Tingchen could actually be…

However, this was not something unusual. At present, the Emperor might look outwardly healthy, but he was also suffering from the same fate…

A hint of scornful laughter flickered briefly in her eyes.

Grandmother and Father had laid their plans to choose an adopted son-in-law for Lu Liangwei because they intended for her to take over the Lu Family’s legacy.

However, given that Lu Liangwei was such a blockhead, Grandmother and Father’s perfect plan seemed doomed to fail.

However, this had further strengthened Lu Yunshuang’s resolution to send her own people to fight for the chance to be Lu Liangwei’s husband.

“There’s nothing more for you to do. You may leave now.” Lu Yunshuang waved Hong Xiu off.

Hong Xiu nodded.

After Chu Yi had once more sent someone flying off the arena stage, he shouldered his broadsword and prepared to jump off the stage itself so he could return to the Palace and make his report.

His opponents today were complete washouts. None of them were able to take more than three strikes from him.

He felt far too lonesome.

It was a bit too much, his master using him as the proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Just as he was about to jump off the arena stage, a delighted voice called, “Warrior sir, please wait a moment.”

When Chu Yi heard this, he hefted his broadsword and turned around in a natural, easy manner, only to be greeted by Steward Wang’s shining gaze

“Warrior sir, please don’t hurry away first.”

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t the fight over? What else is there to do?”

Steward Wang scrutinized Chu Yi from head to toe. The more he looked at Chu Yi, the more satisfied he felt. This man in front of him was quite decent in terms of looks. Most importantly, he was well-versed in martial arts and had defeated so many participants on his own. Setting aside the question of his background for the moment, a man of such superior fighting skill was already considered a rare talent.

Steward Wang felt sure that the Dowager Duchess and the Grand Duke would be satisfied once they saw Chu Yi.

Unfortunately, he was only the winner of today’s matches. He would need to accept more challenges from other participants tomorrow. Even if he were lucky enough to win, there were still three days to go, and it was too early to tell if he would be able to soldier on to the very end and become the winner.

If it were up to Steward Wang, he would end the arena matches right now. This man in front of him was already very satisfactory. Those who came after him might not be as good-looking or upright.

Of course, this was just Steward Wang’s personal opinion.

Steward Wang’s scrutiny made Chu Yi feel extremely ill at ease. If it were not because of Lu Liangwei, he would have long since beaten this man up.

“Warrior sir, you’ve defeated so many people, and you’re today’s winner. Our Dowager Duchess and Grand Duke would like to meet you. Please do come with me.”

When he heard this, Chu Yi almost blew his top.

He was here on behalf of his master. Why on earth would he want to meet with the Dowager Duchess and the Grand Duke?

Chu Yi’s instincts told him that if he did go with Steward Wang, things might not end well. He immediately declined. “I have to attend to some matters. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

With that, he made a few leaps and disappeared from view without giving Steward Wang the chance to say anything.

Steward Wang was also a martial artist. When he saw this, he was both astonished and pleased.

He had never expected to meet such a talented person on the very first day of the arena matches.

It was unfortunate that the participant had left, however. Otherwise, Steward Wang would have brought him to the Dowager Duchess and the Grand Duke for their evaluation.

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