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Chapter 221: 221

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Chapter 221: Suppressed For Too Long

However, it was alright as the warrior had mentioned that he would be back tomorrow.

To have been able to find such a person on the first day itself meant that the next day’s matches for choosing a bridegroom would be even more exciting.

At the thought of this, Steward Wang felt a little like jumping for joy. He felt sure that Second Miss would be able to find an ideal husband.

Chu Yi returned to the Palace and headed straight for Hidden Dragon Palace.

Long Yang was already waiting for him.

The moment Chu Yi entered, he reported, “Master, there are a lot of people who want to marry Second Miss Lu. I’ve defeated quite a number of those lecherous scoundrels today.”

“Cough, cough!” Zhao Qian coughed lightly. This stupid fellow actually described those people wishing to marry Second Miss Lu as lecherous scoundrels. What would that make their master, who wanted to marry Second Miss Lu?

Chu Yi did not notice, continuing, “The matches will continue tomorrow. There were countless participants just today itself. Once the news spread further, I’m afraid there might be even more people coming tomorrow. It may be more than I can handle. Why not let Chu Qi participate tomorrow instead? Either that or Butler Zhao could go too.”

Zhao Qian, “…”

Chu Yi must have gone mad. How could he ask Zhao Qian, a eunuch, to take part in a match for choosing a bridegroom? Only he would come up with such an idea.

Chu Qi shot Chu Yi a bland look but did not say a word.

Zhao Qian stole a quick glance at his master’s face. He found it a little difficult to guess what was currently going through his master’s mind.

Nobody had expected that Long Yang would send Chu Yi to participate in the matches for choosing a bridegroom.

If his master truly did like Second Miss Lu, he could have issued a decree right away, and all would be settled. Why go through all this trouble?

Furthermore, the main purpose of these matches was to pick an adopted son-in-law. Did his master really plan on marrying into Second Miss Lu’s family?

Zhao Qian hesitated for a moment before offering, “Master, why not just directly issue a decree…”

Long Yang stood up but did not say anything. Hands behind his back, he stood by the window with a cold, stern look on his face.

If an imperial edict could solve this matter, why would he be going through all this trouble?

Even though he was determined to have Lu Liangwei, he did not want to push her too much.

Besides, the Dowager Duchess would not give in so easily.

The Lu family was no ordinary family. If they were forced into a corner, things might backfire.

Zhao Qian sighed silently.

He had never thought a day would come when his master ran into difficulties.

He had served his master for many years and had never seen him desire a woman so much entirely of his own volition.

His master seemed normal on the surface, but as his master’s close confidante, Zhao Qian was sensitive enough to notice what was different about his master.

As far as Zhao Qian was concerned, being able to attract his master’s attention was the karma of several lifetimes of good deeds.

The few women in the imperial harem spent their days anxiously waiting for his master to bestow favor upon them, but Long Yang had never been inclined to do so. Instead, his heart was now firmly set on Second Miss Lu.

When Zhao Qian heard what Chu Qi said the last time, he had thought that his master had feelings for Chu Qi. He had been absolutely horrified.

Only when his master sent Chu Yi to fight in the Lu family’s arena matches did Zhao Qian realize that the person his master had feelings for was Second Miss Lu.

He had mistakenly supposed that his master had suppressed his feelings for too long and thus developed some sort of particular fetish.

It had really been one big false alarm.

It was fortunate that the person in question was Second Miss Lu!

From the looks of things, though, the matter had become a rather thorny problem.

A situation that could be easily solved by an imperial edict seemed to be causing his master many misgivings.

The thought of Miss Lu’s age immediately gave Zhao Qian some concern as well.

If she had been from an ordinary, respectable family, this would not be a particularly problematic matter.

Unfortunately, Second Miss Lu was the daughter of the principal wife of the Grand Duke Family. Furthermore, both the Dowager Duchess and the Grand Duke doted upon her greatly. This was something of an issue.

Who, exactly, was the Dowager Duchess?

When the late Emperor was still alive, the Dowager Duchess had once saved his life. She had even followed the footsteps of the late Venerable Duke and earned merit for her illustrious military exploits. Her status in the entire imperial court could not be easily ignored, and she was also in possession of a golden sword that the late Emperor had bestowed upon her.

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