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Chapter 237: 237

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Chapter 237: If Everything Goes Well, You Will Be My Future Wife

The Dowager Duchess sighed. “You shouldn’t say that. Xiu’er is just young, that’s all. In another few years, he’s sure to grow into a man of indomitable spirit. How about this—let me discuss the matter with the Grand Duke when he returns. Of course, in the end, it will be up to Weiwei whether she agrees or not.”

Ji Qingyuan replied seriously, “Of course.”

On the other front, Lu Liangwei led Ji Xiu out of Longevity Hall and headed toward the garden.

When they got to the garden, Lu Liangwei said politely, “Young Master Ji, this is the garden. Please feel free to walk around. I won’t disturb you any longer. If you require anything, just inform the servants.”

With that, she turned to leave.

All this while, Ji Xiu had not spoken, but he abruptly asked in a ruminative manner, “Lu Liangwei, is this how you treat your guests?”

Lu Liangwei frowned and shot him a look. “Young Master Ji, is this the way you were brought up in the Ji family? Please refer to me as Second Miss Lu, thank you!”

Ji Xiu had not expected her to retaliate so quickly. He was taken aback but subsequently scrutinized her from head to toe, a half-smile on his lips.

This was not his first acquaintance with Lu Liangwei, but the previous Lu Liangwei had not been this way. She had been beautiful, even if graceless and lacking in charm. However, she had a terribly boring personality. She was also arrogant and overbearing, headstrong and brainless, and pined for Long Chi. This was why Ji Xiu had never given her so much as a passing glance.

However, although the Lu Liangwei standing before him looked exactly the same, yet for some reason, she felt different to him.

He hesitated, then moved a little closer. “Lu Liangwei, do you know why my father is visiting today?”

Lu Liangwei had no interest in the matter. When she saw Ji Xiu approaching, she moved back slightly. “This is not something I should be concerned with. Young Master Ji, please feel free to walk around.”

To her, Ji Xiu was merely a wealthy young dandy. She had nothing whatsoever to say to him.

Ji Xiu moved to stand in front of her, blocking her way.

“Lu Liangwei, if everything goes well, you will be my future wife. Why are you so anxious to leave? Aren’t you interested in getting to know me a little better?”

Lu Liangwei was rather startled.

Ji Qingyuan had come to the mansion today because of this matter, then?

She was slightly puzzled. “Haven’t you heard the rumors circulating out there about me?”

Why would they even dare to come forward and propose marriage?

Ji Xiu nodded. He looked quite sincere. “I’ve heard them, yes. Second Miss Lu is willful and arrogant. She lives and dies for the Crown Prince, and is even willing to debase herself to become his concubine…” He paused and looked askance at her. “What other versions of the rumors would you like to hear?”

Lu Liangwei’s tone was nonchalant, “Thank you, but there’s no need for you to say anything more.”

“Aren’t you angry?” Ji Xiu stared at her in astonishment.

She was actually not even furious about this, nor was she embarrassed. Instead, her expression was serene and calm.

Ji Xiu was extremely bewildered.

Was she really not angry or even ashamed, after she had done such embarrassing things?

Lu Liangwei did not seem to be overly bothered. “Yes, whatever they’re saying is correct. Those are the facts of the matter. Young Master Ji, on the other hand, is still willing to ask for my hand when you know this so well?”

Ji Xiu watched her with interest. She was not angry at all, nor did she display any signs of being upset.

He rubbed his chin as he sized her up. “Why wouldn’t I be willing? I do think that we’re quite well-matched.”

That was because his own reputation was not stellar either.

Lu Liangwei was quite taken aback by how brazenly shameless he was.

What did he mean by them being well-matched?

“Has Young Master Ji also pined for another woman, to the extent of being willing to be that woman’s gigolo?”

Ji Xiu choked at this. It was quite a while before he managed to say between gritted teeth, “My interests don’t run in that direction, thank you very much.”

“Since you haven’t done that, why do you even dare to suggest that we’re well-matched?” Lu Liangwei threw him an indifferent look.

“I was referring to the fact that, in comparison with Second Miss Lu’s reputation, mine isn’t that great either. I’m not saying that I’m just like you.” Ji Xiu’s eyes narrowed; he looked somewhat unpleasant.

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