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Chapter 238: 238

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Chapter 238: Young Girls Need More Wooing

Lu Liangwei nodded, casting him a meaningful glance. “Is it because you bet on cockfights and horse races, hang around brothels, and indulge in frivolous pleasures?”

Ji Xiu went slightly pink. “I don’t hang around brothels or indulge in frivolous pleasures, thank you very much.”

Only then did Lu Liangwei size him up properly. The boy in front of her was still young and had good looks. Aside from his flippant way of speaking, he was certainly a very handsome young man.

However, like many good-for-nothing sons from wealthy families, he had the bad habit of betting on cockfights and horse races.

“You must have heard of my plan to select a husband, right?” she asked suddenly.

Ji Xiu paused for a moment before nodding. “Yes.” It was precisely because of this news that his father was in a hurry to drag him here.

He actually resented Lu Liangwei very much and disapproved of his father’s decision. However, after seeing Lu Liangwei again today, he found that she was not as boring as he had imagined.

If he were to marry her, his future life would definitely not be too dull.

“My grandmother and father intend to choose a husband for me. If you’re interested, you can go to Heavenly Street and register with Steward Wang,” Lu Liangwei said coolly.

To her surprise, Ji Xiu did not get angry and instead answered playfully, “If my father agrees, I’d be happy to become the Lu family’s adopted son-in-law.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at him in astonishment.

A noble house’s son like him would usually be arrogant no matter how incompetent he was. How could he just stand for someone talking to him like that?

She had spoken so offensively just to provoke him and make him retreat. However, not only was Ji Xiu not angry, but he seemed to have become somewhat more enthusiastic instead. His attitude befuddled her.

“Well, if you can persuade your father to let you be my husband, I will have no objections,” Lu Liangwei said dismissively. She was sure that there was no chance this would happen.

Ji Xiu nodded. “Okay, I’ll discuss with my father in a moment. If he agrees, I’ll head straight for Heavenly Street tomorrow.”

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. Was this man serious?

Seeing that she had stopped talking, Ji Xiu gave a small gleeful smile.

“Second Miss Lu, your garden is quite beautiful. If you don’t mind, please show me around.”

She could not bring herself to strike down a smiling face, and this person was not that annoying anyway. To prevent him from complaining about her poor hospitality if nothing else, she reluctantly agreed, “Very well.”

Meanwhile, Long Yang had already returned to the palace.

“Find out where the assassins came from,” he ordered as soon as he entered the study room.

Chu Qi, who followed in after him, immediately nodded. “Yes.”

“Send Shi Yi to protect her,” Long Yang added.

Chu Qi raised his head and glanced at him.

“Is there a problem?” Long Yang asked, noting his reaction.

Chu Qi lowered his head again. “No.” He was just a little surprised that his master would pay so much attention to Second Miss Lu. “I’ll see to it right away.”

After Chu Qi had left, Zhao Qian immediately came forward. “Master, I’ve received some information from Second Miss Lu’s maidservant.”

Long Yang’s eyes glinted. “What information?”

Zhao Qian then told him all of Lu Liangwei’s usual preferences and finished with a reminder, “Master, young girls are actually easy to woo. Gifting her more of her favorite things will definitely make her happy.”

Long Yang shot him a glance.

Was Lu Liangwei easy to woo?

As he thought of the girl’s cool, clear gaze, he immediately rejected that idea.

Lu Liangwei was indeed young, but she was not an ordinary young girl. If she were easy to win over, he would not have had to go through so much trouble.

However, Zhao Qian was right. Young girls needed more wooing.

He did not know how, though.

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