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Chapter 245: An Emperor’s Anger Was Capable Of Laying Waste To Human Lives Within Hundreds Of Miles

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Chapter 245: An Emperor’s Anger Was Capable Of Laying Waste To Human Lives Within Hundreds Of Miles

The Dowager Duchess’ heart chilled at the words.

Was the Emperor so determined to have Weiwei as his Empress?

The Dowager Duchess had never imagined Long Yang to be so strong-willed about this.

For a moment, she felt panicky and anxious.

However, she was someone who has had quite a lot of life experience. She quickly calmed down and said quietly, “Your Majesty might not be aware though, that Weiwei is now engaged to the Heir Presumptive of the Duke Ji Family. I’m afraid we would have to disappoint Your Majesty on your good intentions.”

The expression on Long Yang’s lips was cold and chilling. “Is that so? I think you might be the one who is about to be disappointed. The Duke Ji Family has served the imperial court for many years. Even if they had not achieved any merit, they had still labored in service. I have instructed the Ministry of Rites to go ahead to bestow a marriage to them. If that’s the case, how would it be possible for them to be in-laws with the Grand Duke Family? Haven’t the Dowager Duchess heard about this before entering the Palace?”


The Dowager Duchess looked at him in alarm and surprise.

Why would the Emperor suddenly bestow a marriage to Ji Xiu without warning?

There was no news of this yesterday, yet today…

The Dowager Duchess suddenly understood what was going on.

If things were to happen so coincidentally, it was not truly a coincidence.

The Dowager Duchess lowered her eyes slightly.

It looked like His Majesty had found out long ago that they were planning on arranging a marriage with the Duke Ji Family to avoid a wedding at the Palace.

She had underestimated His Majesty’s tactics.

She lifted her eyes and looked at the Emperor behind the imperial table, looking royally majestic. She sighed quietly. “If that is so, it would mean our Weiwei has no fate with Heir Presumptive Ji.”

With that, she suddenly kowtowed at the Emperor. “This old bag of bones brazenly begs of Your Majesty to accept Weiwei as your adopted daughter.”

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed. An unhappy expression appeared on his face.

“Does the Dowager Duchess feel that I am not a good match for Weiwei?” He had openly expressed his thought, yet the Dowager Duchess insisted on saying those words. It implied that she did not think he was good enough.

His fingers on the table clenched tight at the thought of his age gap with Weiwei.

It was a fact that he was much older than Weiwei…

The Dowager Duchess’ heart shuddered at the sound of the Emperor’s unhappy tone.

She did not dare lift her head without the Emperor’s orders. “Your Majesty is of royalty and nobility, Weiwei is the one who does not match up to you…”

Long Yang maintained a calm expression, but he still walked out from behind the imperial table to approach the Dowager Duchess and helped her up.

The Dowager Duchess was deterred by the Emperor’s intimidating authority and shut her mouth awkwardly.

Long Yang’s expression relaxed. He truly respected the Dowager Duchess, but it made him unhappy to see her going all out, sacrificing her dignity just to stop him from marrying Weiwei.

Regardless, she was still Weiwei’s grandmother.

If he married Weiwei, he would still need to see her family.

Although the Dowager Duchess did not mean too much to him, her actions were still stemmed out of concern for Weiwei. He may not like what she had done, but those actions were forgivable.

“I have decided to marry Weiwei, no one can stop me. If the Dowager Duchess and the Grand Duke think that I’m not sincere enough, I will personally come and visit once the arena has ended its run, and ask for her hand in marriage from the both of you.”

The Dowager Duchess’ lips moved slightly when she heard this.

What she had just said and done had made the Emperor unhappy. If she persisted brazenly, he would no longer give her any leeway.

His stubbornness had shown how determined he was to marry Weiwei.

The Dowager Duchess sighed silently. She was immensely troubled with no way of solution.

She did not reject him, nor did she agree. All she did was maintain her stoic stance.

As an official of the court, she could not go against the imperial will, even if she had earned immeasurable merit for the imperial court years ago, the situation remained the same.

An Emperor’s anger was capable of laying waste to human lives within hundreds of miles.

She could not fight against the Emperor by using the entire Grand Duke Family as a backing.

Even if she dared to, it would not be of much help.

His Majesty would not even blink twice at going up against a little thing like the Grand Duke Mansion.

However, as she thought about Weiwei’s future happiness, she knew she could not give up just like that.

She was a hundred times unwilling to allow Weiwei to marry into the Palace, otherwise, she would not have entered the Palace today and risk angering the Emperor.

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