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Chapter 26

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Aunt Zheng’s heart felt heavy beyond comparison.

Nevertheless, despite how much she hated Lu Liangwei, she veered her chopsticks away from the chicken to pick up some fish after the recommendation.

Lu Liangwei, this pathetic girl!

However, despite the overwhelming anger coursing through her blood, she forced herself to maintain the smile on her face while picking out the bones in the fish meticulously.

Just as she was about to serve the fish to the Matriarch after the tedious deboning, the old woman had already put down her bowl and chopsticks. “Never mind, you can leave it for yourself,” she said lightly.

The forced smile etched on Aunt Zheng’s face almost faltered.

Even the Matriarch had finished taking her meal. As her daughter-in-law, how could she continue eating?

Furthermore, after all the turmoil just now, she had not even managed to eat much.

Looking at the lavish amount of dishes on the dining table, Aunt Zheng felt extremely doleful.

Damn you, Lu Liangwei!

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth curved slightly upon detecting Aunt Zheng’s imminent distress.

After having their meal and making small talk with the Matriarch for a while, everyone finally parted ways.

Stepping out of the Longevity Hall, Lu Liangwei departed with Lu Tingshen as usual.

“Father, we’ll make our way back first,” Lu Tingshen addressed Lu Hetian as he proceeded to walk Lu Liangwei back.

Unexpectedly, Lu Hetian frowned. “It’s getting dark outside,” he said. “You still have to get up early to enter the palace and report for duties tomorrow. I’ll send Weiwei back instead.”

Lu Tingshen cast him an odd glance. “Weiwei’s quarters are close to mine, we’re taking the same route back—”

Lu Hetian glared at him infuriatingly. “Are you still not leaving?”


Lu Tingshen felt immensely puzzled, but since his father had already made himself clear, it was not wise to go against him. Turning toward Lu Liangwei, he said, “Weiwei, then I’ll head back first.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Goodnight, Brother!”

“Goodnight,” Lu Tingshen said as he reached out to ruffle her hair. He then left rather unwillingly.

With a deep frown on his face, Lu Hetian reached forward to tidy Lu Liangwei’s messed-up hair meticulously.

“This lad, acting all touchy like that!”

Lu Liangwei looked at him, her eyes shining like crystals, as a hint of a smile formed on her lips.

Lu Hetian coughed lightly, putting his hand down. “Let’s go, it’s getting late. I’ll walk you back,” he said, clasping his hands behind his back.

The Longevity Hall was actually not far away from The Court of the Light of Dawn. Furthermore, Zhu Yu was by her side, so she did not need an escort to walk her back. How troublesome would that be!

However, since Lu Hetian offered to walk her back, she did not want to reject his good intentions. “Sure. After you, Father,” she nodded.

Just as Lu Hetian was about to leave, Aunt Zheng’s bitter voice emerged from behind. “What about me then, my Lord?”

Lu Hetian seemed to only remember presence at this instant. He turned around and glanced at her. “Do you still need me to send you back or do you not know how to go back on your own? How old are you already!” he snapped irritatedly.


Aunt Zheng almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.

Shooting a slightly furious look at Lu Liangwei, she led the others away and left dejectedly.

Unable to fully control her laughter, Lu Liangwei chuckled out loud.

When she laughed, an uncharacteristic tenderness appeared on Lu Hetian’s usually stoic face. “Girl, what are you laughing at?” he asked, looking at her fondly.

Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrows. “Aunt Zheng is angry. Will it really be alright if you don’t walk her back?” she questioned.

Lu Hetian mused. “Why should I bother so much about her?” he asked.

Lu Liangwei gave him a once-over, suddenly unable to tell what kind of position Aunt Zheng held in Lu Hetian’s heart.

If she was not important to him, why was Aunt Zheng his sole concubine other than the late Madam Ling?

However, if she was important to him, why did Lu Hetian not officially make Aunt Zheng his wife despite it being years since Madam Ling’s death?


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