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Chapter 29

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The Dowager Duchess neither moved nor paid attention to Aunt Zheng’s words.

Seeing this, Aunt Zheng hurriedly said to Lu Liangwei, “Weiwei, quickly help your grandmother back to her room.”

Lu Liangwei remained right where she was. “That won’t do. If I help Grandmother back now and Big Sis doesn’t see me here, I’m afraid she’ll charge me with the crime of neglecting the Crown Princess. I don’t think I could shoulder that burden.”

Aunt Zheng felt anxious and angry at being snubbed.

“Announcing the arrival of the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess’s carriage—”

At that moment, there was a shout from one of the servants. Aunt Zheng also had no time to bother about anything else at that moment and went to greet the arriving pair with the Lu Mansion servants in tow.

Lu Liangwei held the Dowager Duchess’s hand and followed behind the entourage slowly.

She complained in a low voice, “Seriously, Big Sister could have just come back; why does she have to make such a grand entrance and get everyone involved? Can’t she just keep a low profile?”

The Dowager Duchess was also feeling irritated.

If Lu Yunshuang was truly so filial and wanted to come back and see her, she should have come back quietly.

Instead, because of all this hoo-hah, the Matriarch had to hurry to the mansion gates to greet her despite her creaking ancient bones.

Without a doubt, Lu Liangwei’s seemingly complaining tone dropped a proverbial stone into the Dowager Duchess’s heart. There was not much of a ripple, but it was enough to make the Dowager Duchess feel dissatisfied with Lu Yunshuang.

The Crown Prince’s carriage stopped at the mansion gates. Very soon, Long Chi emerged from the carriage, helping Lu Yunshuang down.

After the pair had descended, Aunt Zheng and the entourage of Lu Mansion servants bowed to them.

“Greetings to the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess!”

Aunt Zheng—the leader of the group—and all the Lu Mansion servants appeared to be in high spirits as if being able to bow to Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang was an extremely glorious thing.

“Auntie, please rise.” Once Long Chi had given the order to rise, Lu Yunshuang immediately hurried forward and helped Aunt Zheng up herself.

“Mother, why are you also bowing?” Lu Yunshuang’s eyes were slightly red-rimmed, and she moved closer to whisper, seemingly worried for Aunt Zheng.

Aunt Zheng patted her hand. “You are now the Crown Princess; basic courtesies shouldn’t be neglected.”

She was not too concerned about this. With such a successful daughter, she could barely contain her joy. It was just a bow, nothing much; she would even be willing to kneel all day if she had to.

Long Chi saw that Lu Yunshuang’s eyes were red, and his heart sank a little. When he faced Aunt Zheng, he said mildly, “Mother-in-law, you’re forbidden to do this again. We’re a family; that much formality is unnecessary.”


Hearing these words, Aunt Zheng beamed from ear to ear and agreed, “Thank you, Your Highness, for your compassion. I’ll remember that.”

At this moment, the Dowager Duchess and Lu Liangwei walked over. Just as they were about to bow to Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang, Long Chi had already stepped forward quickly to support the Dowager Duchess’s arm.

“Madam, please rise. You’re Shuang’er’s grandmother, therefore you’re also my grandmother. We’re a family; we don’t need to be so formal.”

The Dowager Duchess did not really intend to bow; she merely did it for show. When she heard Long Chi say this, she straightened up.


“Thank you, Your Highness!”

Lu Liangwei also straightened up. “Thank you, Your Highness!”

Seeing this, Long Chi furrowed his brows slightly in displeasure.

What he had said was that the Dowager Duchess did not have to bow; he did not say that Lu Liangwei could follow suit.


Seeing that Lu Liangwei had gotten up on her own, Long Chi felt inwardly displeased. Because of the Dowager Duchess’s presence, however, he could not show his annoyance.

The group then entered the mansion.

Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen were not around, and Lu Yunshuang had come back today for the sole purpose of seeing the Dowager Duchess, so everyone headed straight to the Dowager Duchess’s Longevity Hall.

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