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Chapter 305: 305

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Chapter 305: His Majesty Was Attracted By Her Beauty

Lu Yunshuang gave Chen Qiyu a cold look. “Since this is an invitation from the Virtuous Consort, you should tidy yourself up more before heading out, Beauty Chen. The imperial garden is not like our Eastern Palace. If His Majesty’s sight is irked, it would be a terrible thing indeed.”

With that, she ignored Chen Qiyu and left with Hong Xiu.

Chen Qiyu disgusted her. Every time she looked at Chen Qiyu, it would remind her of the Crown Prince bedding that foul woman.

That slut. Lu Yunshuang would be sure to make her pay the price for her stupidity.

She ruminated on this viciously.

Chen Qiyu looked down at her dress and did not think anything was wrong with it. She felt that it was probably Lu Yunshuang being jealous, and let her cruel words slip out of her mind. She brought along her maidservant and left the Eastern Palace as well.

What angered Lu Yunshuang the most was that the Virtuous Consort had not only invited Chen Qiyu, but had even extended the invitation to a few other Beauties.

She bumped into a few of the Beauties who were on their way to the imperial garden upon leaving the Eastern Palace.

The Beauties half-heartedly came forward to curtsy when they saw her. “Greetings to the Crown Princess.”

Lu Yunshuang did not even look at them as she took Hong Xiu and walked away from them.

It was until they had arrived at the imperial garden that Lu Yunshuang managed to convince herself there was no reason to be angry.

Those women were nothing but antic-performing buffoons. There was no need for her to take it to heart.

The Flower Admiring Banquet today was organized by the Virtuous Consort, which was why she had arrived quite early to the imperial garden.

When she spotted Lu Yunshuang arriving, she held Lu Yunshuang’s hands and smiled widely. “Crown Princess, you’ve arrived quite early.”

Lu Yunshuang might have been very unhappy with the actions of the Virtuous Consort, but it did not show on her face. “Your Highness’ invitations are hard to come by. It’s only natural that I should arrive earlier and try to help out wherever I can.”

The Virtuous Consort was happy with the answer. When she spotted the few Beauties from the Eastern Palace arrive, the look in her eyes turned dark. “Come to think of it, we don’t have as many people in the imperial harem as the Eastern Palace doe. The Crown Prince is quite a blessed fellow. Just look at all these beauties, all of them looking so gorgeous and with skin as soft as water. Even I cannot help admiring them.”

A deeply uncomfortable look appeared on Lu Yunshuang’s face when she heard this. She almost flung off the hands of the Virtuous Consort.

However, the Virtuous Consort was, after all, the leader of the four concubines in the imperial harem and had the senior qualification. Even though there was no chance for her to take the place of Empress, she was still a force to reckon with.

Lu Yunshuang forced herself to suppress the feeling. “Your Highness is much too kind. These few Beauties from the Eastern Palace may be pretty, but how could they compare to all four of Your Highnesses? Even though there aren’t many in the imperial harem, once my sister enters the Palace her beauty will surpass numerous others. That sister of mine is a rare beauty with a face that could launch a thousand ships. She can’t be compared with any level of commonplace beauty.”

This time, it was the Virtuous Consort’s turn to look uncomfortable.

Who was Lu Yunshuang calling a commonplace beauty?

Lu Yunshuang may have sounded like she was praising Lu Liangwei, but she was, in fact, intentionally creating hate towards her sister. With angered seniors such as the Virtuous Consort around, Lu Liangwei would not have such a happy time when she entered the Palace.

Lu Yunshuang snuck a look at the Virtuous Consort’s expression and her mood turned better.

The uncomfortable look on the Virtuous Consort’s face vanished in a flash.

If she did not understand Lu Yunshuang’s true intentions, she would have been in the Palace for so many years for little gain.

Lu Yunshuang may sound like she was praising Lu Liangwei on the surface, but she was in fact, offering Lu Liangwei up for the other concubines to hate her.

Although, there was no need for Lu Yunshuang to do so. It was already impossible for the Virtuous Consort to like Lu Liangwei.

Lu Yunshuang was not wrong, though.

Lu Liangwei’s beauty was incomparable.

Could it be that His Majesty was attracted to her beauty?

The Virtuous Consort suppressed the jealousy in her heart and a smile filled with happy expectations appeared on her face. “Come to think of it, I have met your sister a few times before. That face of hers is truly astonishing. I can finally admire your sister at a closer range soon.”

Lu Yunshuang thought that the expectant smile on her face was quite painful to the eye.

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