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Chapter 306: 306

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Chapter 306: Make Lu Liangwei Uncomfortable

They continued as if they did not know what the other was thinking.

Lu Yunshuang snickered inwardly.

The Virtuous Consort continued to speak as if she was really fond of Lu Liangwei. “I used to wonder what kind of man would deserve a stunning beauty like your sister, but I never imagined that the Emperor would take a fancy to her with just one glance. Indeed, only the title of the Empress can match her excellence.”

Lu Yunshuang dug her fingernails deep into her palm to stop herself from losing her composure on the spot.

She said sarcastically, “You’re right, Virtuous Consort. My sister doesn’t know much, but she does have an outstanding face.”

She was implying that Lu Liangwei was useless except for having a beautiful appearance.

The Virtuous Consort did not seem to detect the sarcasm in her words and replied with a smile, “But sometimes, looking good is a great advantage because it makes you unforgettable. Well, except to the Crown Prince…” After a pause, she seemed to realize what she had said and immediately stopped herself, saying apologetically, “Excuse my mouth.”

The handkerchief in Lu Yunshuang’s hands was nearly torn to shreds.

Noting her unpleasant expression, the Virtuous Consort quickly changed the subject, “There are only a few of us in the imperial harem. Usually, it’s not a problem, but whenever we hold banquets, its flaws come out. It’s more fun to have more guests at a banquet, so this time I invited the beauties from the Eastern Palace as I thought it would be more enjoyable with a larger crowd. I hope you don’t mind, Crown Princess.” There was a hint of flattery in her voice at the end.

After all, Lu Yunshuang was the Crown Princess. Although the Virtuous Consort did not think it was a guarantee that Long Chi would ascend the throne in the future, she did not want to offend Lu Yunshuang too much at the moment.

Moreover, her intentions of inviting these people from the Eastern Palace today were not pure. Her main goal was to make Lu Liangwei uncomfortable.

Was Lu Liangwei not once in love with the Crown Prince? If she were to see so many of his concubines, she would definitely get upset.

The corners of the Virtuous Consort’s mouth curved upward as she thought of this.

Lu Yunshuang glanced at her, the irritation on her face dissipating. She somehow understood what the Virtuous Consort was thinking, but she did not express her stance on the matter.

A lively atmosphere enveloped the imperial garden. Meanwhile, the moment Long Yang returned to the imperial study from the court, Zhao Qian told him about the Virtuous Consort’s plan to invite Lu Liangwei into the palace.

This time, the Virtuous Consort had come over to tell him in person.

The consorts had the autonomy to host banquets and invite guests. Usually, Master would not bother himself with these trivial matters as long as they did not cause him trouble.

However, this time was different as Second Miss Lu was involved.

Zhao Qian reported the matter to him in detail.

Long Yang was a little surprised, and then his expression sank. “How could the Virtuous Consort not inform me about such a big decision? What insolence; who gave her the right to bypass me and invite Lu Liangwei of her own accord? If Lu Liangwei wants to enter the palace, why would she need the Virtuous Consort to invite her?”

Zhao Qian was shocked by his master’s sudden anger and stared at him blankly.

Master had never cared about these trivial matters in the past. Moreover, the Virtuous Consort did not invite any outsiders. The guests were just a few people from the imperial harem and the Eastern Palace, and the total number was only a little more than ten.

Well, alas, this banquet involved Second Miss Lu.

The Virtuous Consort had unfortunately invoked Master’s wrath.

“Then what should we do now?” asked Zhao Qian cautiously.

Long Yang frowned, his expression frighteningly cold. However, he softened his tone when mentioning Lu Liangwei, “Has she entered the palace?”

Hearing this, Zhao Qian was a little puzzled about what his master was thinking, but he still replied, “She’s probably on her way.”

Long Yang fell silent, then ordered, “Go and greet her at the palace gates personally. When she has arrived, don’t go to the imperial garden straight away; bring her here first.”

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