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Chapter 310: 310

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It was fine if they did not look at her. However, the moment they glanced over, they became both surprised and jealous.

The Emperor actually helped her down from the carriage himself.

How could she have such a great honor?!

Noticing their eyes on her, Lu Liangwei was not nervous at all and looked toward them calmly.

The three consorts withdrew their gazes and waited for Lu Liangwei to come forward and greet them.

Even though Lu Liangwei was the future Empress, she still had not been officially crowned.

On the other hand, they were the Emperor’s consorts and had been in the palace for many years. Considering their experience, it was reasonable that Lu Liangwei greeted them first.

As the three thought to themselves, they put on an even more superior attitude and waited for Lu Liangwei to come forward.

However, they would soon be disappointed as Lu Liangwei only nodded at them without doing anything else.

Just now in the carriage, Long Yang had already said that she did not have to mind anyone.

In that case, she did not need to greet anyone now.

She already disliked these rules of etiquette, and since Long Yang had said so, why should she continue to contradict herself?

The three consorts were furious when they saw this.

She had yet to marry the Emperor but was already acting as if she were the Empress. How presumptuous of her!

Now that the Emperor saw her rude behavior, he would definitely despise her.

She was such an impulsive and impertinent person. It was no wonder why the Crown Prince chose Lu Yunshuang over her, despite her being the daughter of the principal wife.

Who would like such a wayward and arrogant woman?

Thinking of this, the three eagerly looked toward Long Yang.

However, Long Yang did not bother sparing them so much as a glance. Right now, all he could see was the lovely girl beside him.

He did not find her behavior improper at all. In fact, it was how she should be. She did not have to bow to anyone, much less these three ornamental consorts.

“You didn’t get to tour the garden properly last time. Now that we have time, shall we visit all the places that you didn’t get to see?” Long Yang asked the girl beside him.

Lu Liangwei knew that he was referring to that time when she had entered the palace in armor. She nodded. “Alright.”

It was almost June, and many flowers had already withered and were no longer in clusters like in spring. However, there was never a shortage of beautiful scenery in the imperial garden.

At the sight of her obedience, a smile flashed through Long Yang’s dark eyes. “I happened to have time today, I can show you the way.”

Next to him, Zhao Qian thought to himself, ‘What do you mean you have time today, you sound like you’re so relaxed. Don’t you remember all those stacks of Palace Memorials on the imperial table?’

Actually, Lu Liangwei knew that a wise ruler like Long Yang would never have free time, but since he had already said so, she would not refuse his kindness. In fact, her face lit up with joy, and she curtsied to him. “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Long Yang resisted the urge to help her up and only nodded faintly.

It did not matter in private, but now that there were outsiders, he did not want Weiwei to be criticized.

After all, they were not married yet, and if they were too intimate with each other, it would subject Weiwei to gossip.

The three consorts had gone from their initial surprise to shock, and now they no longer knew how to describe their emotions.

They did not expect that the Emperor, who always treated others aloofly and regarded them with little importance, would be like this in front of Lu Liangwei.

It turned out that he could also be this gentle and loving, which completely subverted their expectations.

The three of them gripped the handkerchiefs in their hands, feeling an indescribable mix of emotions, especially the Noble Consort.

A trace of anxiety finally appeared in her usually cold and arrogant eyes, and the fire of jealousy in her heart seemed as if it could consume her.

How could the Emperor treat another woman differently?

Why was she not the one?

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