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Chapter 315: 315

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Chapter 315: Long Yang’s Level-Headedness

Lu Yunshuang was so angry at the words, her face turned a grim green. She clenched her teeth and acted like she was trying her best to suppress her feelings. “I’ve always treated you well, Lil Sis. Why do you continuously curse my child, over and over again? I know you’ve yet to let go of the fact that I married the Crown Prince, but the child is innocent. If there’s anything you’re unhappy with, come after me instead.”

Once she ended her sentence, the entire atmosphere turned eerily quiet.

Everyone present was well-aware of how Lu Liangwei used to chase after the Crown Prince. Now that Lu Yunshuang was suddenly pointing this out, the looks everyone was giving Lu Liangwei turned a little strange.

Could it be that Lu Liangwei was cursing the child in Lu Yunshuang’s tummy because the Crown Prince did not marry her?

If that was true, then Lu Liangwei was quite wicked at heart.

Besides that, would His Majesty let her be?

Would His Majesty stand by and do nothing while his future Empress kept thinking about the Crown Prince?

The few present, whose leader was the Virtuous Consort, suddenly got excited.

His Majesty had kicked away the Noble Consort without hesitation because he wanted to protect Lu Liangwei. That savage scene was still fresh in everyone’s minds.

If Lu Liangwei really did enter the Palace, would they even be able to continue living?

The Virtuous Consort clenched the handkerchief in her hands tightly. Her heart went cold with both fright and dejection.

His Majesty really cared a lot for Lu Liangwei.

She could not help feeling a little lucky that she never had the chance to do anything untoward to Lu Liangwei. Otherwise, she would be the one suffering the fate of the Noble Consort.

At the thought of the possibility of her ending up that way, all thoughts she previously had were diminished.

Going after Lu Liangwei did not seem like an easy task now.

Now that she was witnessing Lu Yunshuang going head-to-head against Lu Liangwei, she could not help but applaud for Lu Yunshuang in her heart.

This Crown Princess was not completely stupid, after all. She knew where to poke Lu Liangwei where it hurt the most.

A woman that even the Crown Prince did not want, was actually thick-skinned enough to marry His Majesty. How could she even desire a highly noble title such as the Empress?

It did not matter how much His Majesty liked Lu Liangwei. How could he not feel bothered by this?

After all, Lu Liangwei had obsessively harassed the Crown Prince before. He was the nephew of His Majesty and the worst part was, Lu Liangwei might not even have totally given up on the Crown Prince.

She looked expectantly at Long Yang’s expression at the thought of this. She hoped to see disappointment or even anger appear on his face. It would be even better if he immediately gave the order to kick Lu Liangwei out of the Palace and withdraw from their marriage.

Zhao Qian was also looking at his master.

Zhao Qian was feeling anxious too after hearing Lu Yunshuang’s words. He was quite worried that his master would be enraged. However, his master had a nonchalant look on his face. He could not tell if his master was happy or angry, but it seemed like he was not affected by Lu Yunshuang’s insinuations. Zhao Qian secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

This Crown Princess was really something. What were her intentions for saying such things? Was she trying to create discord between His Majesty and Second Miss Lu? What a malicious woman.

Zhao Qian thought about this angrily while his gaze turned toward Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei did not reveal any anger from such an embarrassment, as Lu Yunshuang had hoped. Her expression was quite casual. There were even flashes of coldness in her bright, beautiful eyes.

“Big Sis, it’s such a chilling thing to find that you’re gauging the heart of a gentlewoman by your own mean measure. The imperial physician will be able to diagnose your health condition properly. There is no need to smear my reputation in this way.”

Long Yang gave Zhao Qian a look, and Zhao Qian immediately understood as he said, “Your humble servant will get the imperial physician here immediately to take a look at the Crown Princess. We should not delay if there really is a health issue.”

With that, he left for the imperial hospital.

Zhao Qian may have sounded like he was worried about Lu Yunshuang, but he also acted as if he had forgotten to help her up onto her feet.

Lu Yunshuang was so mad that she was on the verge of throwing up blood. However, she did not dare stand on her own accord without the permission of His Majesty.

She glanced at where Lu Liangwei was and began sobbing. “Lil Sis, please don’t be angry. If I have misunderstood you, I will be sure to apologize.”

From her point of view, Lu Liangwei was cursing her child on purpose. Once the imperial physician arrived, Lu Liangwei would no longer have anything more to say.

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