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Chapter 317: 317

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Chapter 317: The Emperor’s Subtle Act Of Adoration

When he observed the serious look that appeared so suddenly on the young girl’s face, the shred of discomfort in Long Yang’s heart was vanquished. His deeply cold and intimidating eyes now had a trace of gentleness. “I didn’t. I still remember them.”

Lu Liangwei frowned with a grim look on her face. “Do you truly remember? It looks like you didn’t even take it to heart.”

If it was not for outsiders being present, she would have given him a proper lecture.

The poison in his body may have been purged but he was still in the midst of recuperating his health. How could he carelessly have tea when he had to take his Chinese medicine every day?

Did he not understand? How could he act so willfully?

Lu Liangwei was a little angry.

When he saw her rising temper, Long Yang lowered his voice and said, “I really didn’t forget…”

He paused and gave his guarantee. “I promise I won’t drink tea again in the future.”

The man’s tone, which sounded almost cajoling, shocked all who witnessed it.

What was even more shocking was the fact that Lu Liangwei was brazen enough to speak to His Majesty in such a brazen tone. How dare she!

However, His Majesty did not seem to have any intention of punishing her. Instead, he displayed a rare side of gentleness.

This was a side of the Emperor that no one had ever seen before.

For some time, the people present could not control their disbelief. What did Lu Liangwei do to earn the merit of the Emperor treating her with such a pleasant manner?

The Emperor’s subtle act of adoration was a difficult thing for everyone to digest. They could not resist quietly evaluating Lu Liangwei.

There was so much irony. The woman who had been abandoned by the Crown Prince was now an extremely important person to the Emperor. One could not help but wonder how the Crown Prince felt about this.

Again, everyone present could not help but size up Long Chi.

At that moment, the delighted look on Long Chi’s face had dampened as a huge wave of emotions crashed over inside his heart.

He did not miss that split second of tenderness displayed by his Royal Uncle.

He could not believe that someone like his Royal Uncle was capable of being gentle…

As the Heir Apparent, no one was clearer about this matter than Long Chi. He was the one who needed to face his Royal Uncle every day.

His Royal Uncle had always given him immense pressure with that intimidating sense of authority. To be honest, Long Chi was always subjected to great stress when meeting his Royal Uncle every day.

Long Yang was a man who was about to meet his death, yet that intimidating aura about him did not diminish in the slightest.

His Royal Uncle had sat on the throne for more than ten years. The man did not need to do anything to showcase his powerful, authoritative dignity. All it took was one look from him and it was enough to tear someone apart from the inside out.

Yet, to think that someone so unpredictable, intimidating, and authoritative as his Royal Uncle could actually act in such a gentle way when addressing Lu Liangwei. It was like seeing a lion strolling through the forest that had temporarily relinquished its dangerous edge.

Lu Liangwei did not notice the strange looks everyone was giving her. After Long Yang had declared his promise, she immediately turned toward Zhao Qian. “Butler Zhao, you heard him. From now on, pay extra attention to this. If he does it again, you must let me know.”

Zhao Qian began to work up a sweat and had no idea how to answer her.

His master really did love drinking tea and he practically had to have it every day. It was a little difficult to get him to quit cold turkey.

Long Yang darted a look at him. “Didn’t you hear what Second Miss Lu said?”

Zhao Qian grimaced as he immediately answered, “Your humble servant understands. Don’t worry, Second Miss Lu, If Master… Master…” Even if his master did have tea, he did not dare to inform Second Miss Lu.

He thought to himself sarcastically, ‘If Master can’t do it, what’s the point of making a promise? This is just putting me on the spot.’

Lu Liangwei understood that Zhao Qian was stuck between a rock and a hard place but did not say anything else. The most important thing was for His Majesty to have self-awareness. He was the Emperor. No one would dare stop him from doing whatever he liked.

He was just saying those words for the sake of her dignity.

At the thought of this, she gave His Majesty a look.

Long Yang noticed this and patted her on the head exasperatedly. “The Emperor does not take his words lightly. I will do as I have promised.”

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