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Chapter 320: 320

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Chapter 320: Addressing Her in Such an Affectionate Manner

The Crown Prince had officially taken Lu Yunshuang as his first wife, after all. Furthermore, he himself had chosen to marry her. As he looked down at her, pale-faced and lying within his embrace, he could not help reminding himself about how well she had treated him in the past. His expression grew increasingly anxious. “Imperial physician Wu, hurry up and examine the Crown Princess.”

At this moment, the genuine affection and sincere concern on his face was something that could not be feigned.

Chen Qiyu and the beauties from the Eastern Palace, who had hitherto been mere wallflowers in the background, looked on with envy and loathing.

The Crown Prince was genuinely worried about Lu Yunshuang; it was just as well, then, that she was threatened with a miscarriage. Otherwise, how could the Crown Prince possibly fail to extol her to the skies once she had given birth to his heir?

For a moment, the beauties led by Chen Qiyu could not help but rejoice secretly.

Imperial physician Wu seemed reluctant to treat Lu Yunshuang. However, due to the Crown Prince’s position, he had no choice but to come forward and diagnose Lu Yunshuang’s pulse.

“Well? Is there anything wrong with the Crown Princess?” Long Chi asked anxiously.

Imperial physician Wu gave Lu Yunshuang an odd look and deliberated for a moment before delivering his diagnosis. “The Crown Princess’s breath is unstable…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Liangwei interrupted him, “Your Highness need not fret. I know how to wake the Crown Princess up.”

Imperial physician Wu fell silent.

Long Chi looked toward Lu Liangwei hesitantly.

Lu Liangwei smiled innocently at him and drew out a silver hairpin from atop her head.

Long Chi was so dazzled by her smile that he just stared at her in a daze. Even though she was approaching the Crown Princess with a silver hairpin, he thought nothing of it.

That is, not until Lu Liangwei pricked Lu Yunshuang’s philtrum pressure point with the sharp end of the hairpin.

Since Lu Yunshuang had only pretended to faint in the first place, the stab of pain right beneath her nose caused her lashes to quiver violently. She was barely able to stifle a shriek.

She was only able to suppress that impulse by forcing herself to take her time. Acting as if she had leisurely woken up, she glanced around her drowsily.

“Look, isn’t Big Sis awake now?” Lu Liangwei twirled the silver hairpin she was holding, smiling sweetly and looking at Lu Yunshuang. “Big Sis, are you alright?” she asked solicitously.

Lu Yunshuang turned to look at her. The moment she saw the silver hairpin in Lu Liangwei’s hand, she was so furious she felt as if she might cough up blood.

So the sharp pain from earlier had been caused by Lu Liangwei jabbing her with that silver hairpin?

Lu Yunshuang’s eyes widened as she stared at the hairpin in Lu Liangwei’s hands. There was still a trace of blood on the point.

“Lil Sis, what did you do? It hurt a lot when you pricked me…” Lu Yunshuang was so enraged she gritted her teeth. Outwardly, however, she acted as if she had been grievously wronged.

Lu Liangwei used a handkerchief to clean off the blood on the point of the hairpin. Without even lifting her head, she replied sweetly, “If it didn’t hurt, would you even be willing to wake up, Big Sis?”

Lu Yunshuang choked. She was utterly infuriated, but she had no way of refuting this statement.

Her thoughts went to the man who was supporting her in his arms. Immediately, she raised her head, trying to seek help from Long Chi. However, he was gazing at Lu Liangwei in a peculiar fashion.

When she saw this, the world suddenly went dark in front of Lu Yunshuang’s eyes, and she almost fainted for real.

What did Long Chi mean by this? Why was he looking at Lu Liangwei in such a manner? What was so interesting about that stupid girl?

“Your Highness, Lil Sis…” Lu Yunshuang suppressed her anger, acting as if she felt wronged. Her face was several shades paler than before, which made her seem very pitiful indeed.

Long Chi withdrew his gaze from Lu Liangwei, looked down at Lu Yunshuang, and tightened his hold on her shoulders. “Weiwei was worried about you too. She only resorted to such means due to the urgency of the situation. Don’t blame her; you’re awake now, aren’t you?”

Weiwei? Long Chi was addressing Lu Liangwei in such an affectionate manner—why had Lu Yunshuang never heard him do so in the past?

Lu Yunshuang felt as if her heart was bleeding. She forced a smile, and replied, “Your Highness is right. I was disoriented by the pain—however you look at it, Lil Sis was still the one who woke me .”

When Lu Liangwei heard what Long Chi said, she shot him a glance, not bothering to conceal her displeasure in the least. “Your Highness, if you don’t mind, I would rather you address me as your future Royal Aunt, if you may.”

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