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Chapter 326: 326

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Chapter 326: Long Yang Leaned Closer

The Pure Consort was dumbfounded. How could it not break?

Cai Yu put the cup away quietly, planning to keep it for her mistress to smash next time.

Meanwhile, after Ji Linghui returned to her quarters, she was silent for a while before taking out a box of needles.

Seeing this, her maidservant shuddered, but she still took the initiative to step forward and pull her sleeve up.

Without sparing a glance at her, Ji Linghui grabbed a handful of needles and pricked the maidservant’s arm randomly.

If one were to look closely, they would see dozens of pinholes, and there was no unmarred patch of skin on the entire arm.

The maidservant’s face turned pale from the severe pain, not daring to scream.

After a round of venting, only then did Ji Linghui seem to discover her conscience. She pulled out all the needles and blew on the maidservant’s arm carefully.

“Xiao Xia, does it hurt?”

Xiao Xia shook her head. “Thank you for your concern, Mistress. It doesn’t hurt.”

Ji Linghui exhaled in relief when she heard this. “Okay, you can go and rest.”

Xiao Xia hurriedly went out as if she had been granted an amnesty.

Every time Mistress got irritated outside, she would be the one to suffer.

Mistress was usually quiet, but she could be very vicious when abusing her servants.

Back then, when Mistress was in the Duke Ji Mansion, she was not like this. It was after she entered the palace that her personality changed drastically into what it was today.

Of course, Mistress’s usual personality was still the same as before. However, in private, she would abuse her, her personal maidservant, to vent the frustration in her heart.

She had been serving her mistress since young and had signed a lifetime contract, so she did not dare to breathe a word no matter how greatly wronged and even tried to hide it from others.

Xiao Xia stood in the covered corridor and sighed softly, wondering when these days would come to an end.

Perhaps the palace was really a place that ate people up without leaving anything behind.

Even her good-natured mistress had become a capricious person after enduring for a long time.

Xiao Xia shuddered as chills ran down her spine.

Lu Liangwei followed Zhao Qian to the imperial study.

She had to inform Long Yang about her leaving the palace soon.

Long Yang was discussing state affairs with several court officials in the imperial study, so Zhao Qian brought Lu Liangwei to the side hall to rest.

“Second Miss, Master will see you out of the palace himself after he finishes his discussion. If you’re tired, you can nap for a while,” said Zhao Qian considerately.

Lu Liangwei estimated that Long Yang would not finish his discussion so soon, so she nodded. “Alright, please let me know when His Majesty’s discussion is over, Butler Zhao.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll inform you right away,” said Zhao Qian with a smile.

After Zhao Qian had left, Lu Liangwei laid down on the soft bed with Zhu Yu’s help.

Since she had nothing to do, she decided to nap for a while.

However, when she woke up, she saw Long Yang sitting on the chair beside her and reading a book.

She was stunned for a while, then immediately sat up. “How come you’re here? Is your discussion over?”

Long Yang looked up from his book, his gaze falling on her rosy face, a hint of affection in his eyes. “It’s been over for quite a while.”

Lu Liangwei smoothed her tousled hair, a little embarrassed. “Then why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Are you in a hurry?” Long Yang got up and sat down on the edge of the soft bed.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No.”

“In that case, it doesn’t matter if you stay for a bit more.” Long Yang leaned closer, his fresh and pleasant breath tickling her face.

Only then did Lu Liangwei notice that he was sitting next to her, and the distance between them was a little too close for comfort.

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