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Chapter 336: 336

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Zhao Qian remained where he was and ruminated for a moment before making his way back with ponderous, heavy footsteps.

Just then, a human head dangled down from the corridor.


Zhao Qian: “…”

He cracked his knuckles loudly and put up his fists. He was about to take a swing at that head when abruptly, it disappeared from view with a whoosh.

Zhao Qian’s chubby, pale face quivered slightly. Restraining himself, he walked forward.

After he had taken a few steps, Chu Yi suddenly leaped down from the corridor and blocked his path. “It’s hard to imagine that even you have such indulgences, Butler Zhao!” he teased.

Zhao Qian scoffed, “What indulgences do I have?” The only thing he indulged in whenever he had time to spare was some casual gambling—what was wrong with that?

“I noticed that you seemed to be getting along splendidly just now with that little palace maid. What, are you looking for someone to be your matchmaker?” Chu Yi draped his arm over Zhao Qian’s shoulder with easy familiarity.

Zhao Qian raised his hand, poised for a knifehand strike. He was about to bring it down on Chu Yi’s arm, but Chu Yi immediately withdrew his hand, having anticipated Zhao Qian’s reaction.

“There’s no need to be so petty. Or did I guess right, and you want to kill me to silence me?” Chu Yi gave Zhao Qian a breezy, insouciant look.

Zhao Qian took a deep breath. He felt absolutely certain that one day, he would definitely be frustrated to death by this stubborn, half-baked idiot.

Sarcastically, he needled, “Go drop dead already, won’t you! Do you think everyone is like you, unable to live without a woman?”

As soon as women were mentioned, Chu Yi grew slightly despondent and protested, “Old Qian, you truly wound me with these words. Although I’m unable to live without a woman, the problem is, there isn’t a single desirable woman anywhere in my vicinity.”

Zhao Qian looked askance at him, “What do you mean there isn’t—don’t you already have Ah Jiu?”

Chu Yi immediately lost all enthusiasm at the mere mention of that woman. “Can you please not make me nauseous? Can someone like Ah Jiu even be considered a woman?”

Zhao Qian shot him a contemptuous glance. “If she’s not considered a woman, then don’t tell me you think you should be considered a man? She has everything a woman should have, but what a man should have—you might not necessarily have it  .”

When Chu Yi heard this, his expression darkened visibly. “Hey, I never said anything mean to you, but you’re vilifying me so maliciously. If we’re talking about what a man doesn’t have— well, aren’t you a living example of that?”

Zhao Qian swung his fist at Chu Yi. “Go take a nice little walk—don’t get in the way of Master’s affairs.”

Chu Yi nimbly evaded the incoming attack. When he saw Zhao Qian entering the imperial study, ultimately, he did not dare pursue the eunuch any further.

He put one foot on the fence under the corridor and was filled with endless melancholy. He wondered when he would be able to get a wife—his master was on the verge of starting a family, whereas he was still single and alone.

Inside the imperial study.

Zhao Qian gave Long Yang a complete report on what he had found out earlier.

After Long Yang had finished listening, his mind flashed back to the appearance of the young girl when she had moved to speak close to his ear.

Even now, he felt as if his ears were still a little itchy and hot.

His fingers loosened their grip slightly on the brush he was holding.

She was not comfortable with him coming along because it was that time of the month for her, and she wanted to buy some private items for her use—was that it?

His handsome face flushed a little as he thought about this. He lowered his gaze slightly, concealing the discomfort within his eyes.

Zhao Qian noticed that after he finished speaking, his master did not move at all for a while. He could not help lifting his eyes to sneak a peek at his master’s face.

Strange—why was his master’s face slightly flushed?

Was it because the room was too warm?

He turned his head and looked around. All the windows were open, so that could not be the reason. Besides, the weather had not yet turned unseasonably hot.

Long Yang looked pensive. Wei Wei appeared to be fine today; nothing seemed unusual about her. Had she not mentioned it, he would have had no idea she was having her period, so she most probably was not experiencing any menstrual pain.

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