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Chapter 338: I’m Going To Let The Dog Loose On You

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Chapter 338: I’m Going To Let The Dog Loose On You

Lu Liangwei keenly noticed that Ji Qingyuan was looking at her with a sympathetic gaze.

She was confused at first, but she understood when she thought of those consorts in the palace.

Most people thought that it was a glorious thing that she could enter the palace and become Empress. However, only she herself would understand the taste of swimming in the palace’s deep waters.

Ji Linghui was Ji Qingyuan’s daughter, so the man knew better than anyone that his daughter was not happy after marrying into the palace. Moreover, he could not help feeling a little sympathetic to see that Lu Liangwei was also about to follow in her footsteps.

Lu Liangwei paused. She felt that Long Yang still treated her well, and even if he treated her badly in the future, she would not let herself become a grouchy woman. She had many things she could do, and there was no need for her to follow a man around all day.

She turned and took a box from Zhu Yu’s hands, then said to Ji Qingyuan, “Duke Ji, the Prudence Consort gave this to me when I entered the palace today. But this gift is too valuable, and I think that Her Highness cherishes this bangle a lot, so I don’t dare to rob her of her treasure. Please help me return it to her.”

Ji Qingyuan took the box in surprise. Opening it, he found that it was what his mother had given Hui’er when she was alive, and he immediately felt mixed emotions.

This bangle was first given by the late Empress Dowager to his mother, then by his mother to Hui’er. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a family heirloom. Hui’er usually cherished it very much, so why did she give it away to someone else today?

Ji Qingyuan’s heart was full of complicated feelings.

It might not matter if it was some other item, but this bangle was his daughter’s treasure. He did not believe that she would be willing to give it away.

He looked at Lu Liangwei suspiciously.

Lu Liangwei said, “Please don’t misunderstand, Duke Ji. The Virtuous Consort and the Pure Consort gave me their prepared gifts at the banquet, so the Prudence Consort ended up gifting me this bangle in a hurry. I could not refuse, so I brought it out of the palace. Please, you must return it to Her Highness for me, Duke Ji.”

She clarified the whole matter in a few words and vaguely mentioned that the Prudence Consort had no choice but to give her the bangle because she did not prepare a gift and did not want to embarrass herself in front of the Virtuous Consort and the Pure Consort.

Ji Qingyuan understood what she meant and could not help feeling a little sheepish. So that was what happened… He had judged her with an unfairly suspicious attitude.

He gritted his teeth and handed the box back to her. “Since the Prudence Consort has given it to you, it’s yours. There’s absolutely no reason to return it.”

Lu Hetian sneered and stretched out his arm to block his insincere move. “You think the Grand Duke Family cares about a mere bangle of yours? Take your stuff and get out of here!”

Ji Qingyuan looked even more embarrassed. “There’s no need to get angry, Brother Lu. I just didn’t understand the whole thing clearly…”

Lu Hetian glared at him, still furious. “If my dear daughter hadn’t explained the matter, you’d probably be degrading her in your heart. Forget it—the gates of the Grand Duke Mansion will no longer be open to you in the future. So get lost, or I’m going to let the dog loose on you!” With that, he took Lu Liangwei’s hand and strode back in through the mansion gates.

Lu Liangwei followed him meekly. Her old man was angry, so of course she could only obey him.

It was indeed Duke Ji’s fault. Who told him to look down on her and think that she would covet Ji Linghui’s possessions?

No matter how valuable that bangle was, she was not so petty as to desire someone else’s stuff. Moreover, she had refused at that time and only brought it out of the palace because she could not decline, but she never thought of keeping it for herself. She had planned to return it to Ji Linghui the moment she had another opportunity, but she happened to meet Ji Qingyuan, so that was why she asked him to return it for her.

Since he judged her like that, it was not wrong for her dad to get angry.

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