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Chapter 342: 342

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Chapter 342: What A Perfect Match

In the original story, Lu Tingchen had started a rebellion, and after it was quelled, he ended up dying under a volley of arrows. However, now that the plot had deviated from its course, it was impossible to guarantee that Lu Yunshuang would not do some crazy stuff.

She would rather overthink than have those terrible things happen.

She had vowed to protect her family, so she naturally could not let anything undesirable happen to them.

No, not even the slightest accident.

With that thought in mind, Lu Liangwei said gravely, “You’re my only brother. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”

Lu Tingchen had wanted to tease her for being too cautious, but when he heard this, his heart swelled with warmth.

He changed the subject and said, “Do you still have this medicine yourself?”

Lu Liangwei was secretly relieved that she had successfully convinced him. “I got three stalks of the miracle detoxification herb, but I only distilled three bottles of pills from them. I gave you one, and I plan to give one each to Father and Grandmother.”

Lu Tingchen’s chest tightened at her words. “Then doesn’t that mean you don’t have any left for yourself?”

Lu Liangwei smiled reassuringly at him. “Have you forgotten that I practice medicine? Naturally, I know a little about curing and recognizing poison. Don’t worry, I won’t get easily poisoned even if I don’t take the detoxification pills.” She paused for a while, then added, “The books on medicine that Mother left behind are really useful. I think that I must have inherited Mother’s talent. Who knows, I might even become a genius doctor in the future.”

The worry in Lu Tingchen’s heart dissipated when he heard this. ‘That’s right. Mother was a famous genius doctor with outstanding medical skills when she was alive. It looks like Lil Sis really inherited Mother’s talent for medicine, judging from how she can master medicine in such a short time.’

Lu Liangwei glanced at him, relieved to see that his expression was no longer doubtful.

“I’ve already fallen in love with medicine. I must read those books left behind by Mother, and when I finish them, I’ll become even more skillful. So don’t worry, just go ahead and take these detoxification pills, no need to hold back. Your sister’s going to be a genius doctor in the future, and curing and recognizing poison is going to be a piece of cake.”

Lu Tingchen stroked the porcelain bottle in his hand, feeling that these detoxification pills were even more precious.

It was not just their purpose but his sister’s care for him that was precious.

No longer refusing, he opened the bottle and took a pill.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei pulled the wine jar in front of him toward herself. “I forgot to tell you that you can’t drink wine for an hour after taking the detoxification pill.”

Lu Tingchen immediately snapped out of his emotional state. “…”

He suddenly felt like he had been cheated by his sister.

Had Weiwei really forgotten to remind him in advance?

He was a little glum, but when he saw his sister’s innocent face, he could not bring himself to scold her. All he could do was look at the wine and sigh.

“Why don’t you have a cup of floral tea? I’ll let Zhu Yu make some.” Pretending not to notice the exasperation on his face, Lu Liangwei turned and ordered Zhu Yu cheerfully.

Zhu Yu immediately put down the things in her hands and went off to make the floral tea smilingly.

The Heir Presumptive and Miss were really close with each other now!

“These side dishes taste pretty good. We can eat them together with the floral tea.” Lu Liangwei gave Lu Tingchen a pair of chopsticks. She then took another pair for herself, picked up a peanut, and started eating.

The veins on Lu Tingchen’s forehead bulged. Floral tea with drunk food?

What a… perfect match!

“I heard that you went to the palace today. How was it? Did anything bad happen?”

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