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Chapter 344: 344

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Chapter 344: Master Must Be Furious

Long Chi had harbored expectations as well since this was his first child, after all. However, he certainly had not expected things to turn out this way.

In his heart, he was deeply disappointed. After Lu Yunshuang heard what the physician had to say, she had experienced a complete emotional breakdown and burst into tears. He had been comforting her all this while until she had finally fallen asleep.

He went back to his own courtyard. As he stood there, looking at the bright, clear moon in the sky, his initial agitation rapidly settled.

He gazed at the bright stars in the night sky, and suddenly, the image of a certain young girl’s lovely, alluring eyes flashed through his mind. They were so bright, just like those stars in the heavens.

Long Chi was momentarily staggered.

Since when had this girl—whom he had previously discarded like a worn-out shoe—been able to affect his feelings with such ease?

He sneered in some disdain.

However, when he recalled the inexplicable intimacy between this girl and his royal uncle in the imperial garden today, jealousy filled his heart.

Did that stupid girl, Lu Liangwei, really think that his royal uncle would be able to give her a good life? She had no idea that his royal uncle was impotent. After the grand wedding ceremony, his uncle would not be able to perform properly in the marital bed…

The jealousy in his heart eased slightly at the thought of this.

Fortunately, his royal uncle’s impotence meant that even if Lu Liangwei did marry him, it was of no great concern. Once his royal uncle had passed away, Long Chi would simply take her for himself. Furthermore, she would still be pure and innocent, and he could keep her at his side to dote on her.

At the thought of this, he could feel the burning desire within his body once again, and his eyes filled with lust.

He did not plan on restraining himself; he turned around and walked out of the courtyard.

Since his royal uncle had treated him with such great kindness, how could he disappoint his respected elder?

The next day.

Shi Yi watched as Lu Liangwei’s carriage was escorted out of the city by the Lu Family’s troops. Only then did he turn and head back to the Palace.

Second Miss Lu had already left the imperial capital and would be at Tianzhu Temple for some time. He needed to return and ask for further instructions from his master—did he need to go along to protect her?

At the Palace.

Zhao Qian was surprised when he saw Shi Yi show up suddenly in the Palace.

“Why are you here? Has something happened?”

Shi Yi was taken aback for a moment, then replied, “I’m here to ask for Master’s instructions. Do I need to travel along with Second Miss Lu?” Previously, Master had only asked him to stay at the Grand Duke Mansion and secretly protect Second Miss Lu. However, Master had not mentioned that he was to continue protecting Second Miss Lu in secret.

Zhao Qian could tell something was not quite right from what Shi Yi had said, and his heart sank. “Where did Second Miss Lu go?”

Shi Yi’s brows creased. Zhao Qian looked as if he knew nothing about the matter at all. Could it be that Second Miss Lu had not mentioned anything to Master when she came to the Palace yesterday?

“Second Miss Lu left for Tianzhu Mountain early this morning with the Dowager Duchess, under escort from the Grand Duke.”

Zhao Qian let out a sigh of relief when he heard this. “Second Miss Lu went with the Dowager Duchess to pay their respects to the Buddha, right?” It was said that the Tianzhu Temple on Tianzhu Mountain was very powerful. Married and unmarried women alike from the capital city loved to travel there to make wishes. Second Miss Lu was about to be married soon, so perhaps she had gone there to make some wishes as well.

As far as he was concerned, only the older generation would enjoy the tranquility of this sacred Buddhist spot. Young girls would only be able to endure it for a few days, then they would want to leave.

Therefore, he anticipated that Lu Liangwei would be back after about two days.

Shi Yi was not exactly sure what Zhao Qian was thinking at the moment or why he seemed to be relieved. “Yes, they did go to pay their respects to the Buddha. However, from what I heard the Dowager Duchess say, she intended to take Second Miss Lu there to stay for a while,” he replied.

Zhao Qian had just set aside his worries, but now they suddenly returned with a vengeance. With foreboding, he asked, “How long will she be there?”

“A month at least, two months at most.”

Zhao Qian smote his thigh and shouted in dismay, “Oh no.” Right after that, he hastily ran toward the imperial study.

After Long Yang heard what Zhao Qian had to say, his expression became cold. forbidding, and somber. The temperature in the room abruptly seemed to drop as well.

It was almost June, but Zhao Qian could still feel the chill seeping into his bones.

Master must be furious right now…

Author’s note: Long Yang gritted his teeth. How dare this willful girl conceal this matter from him. He would be sure to make her aware of the consequences of deceiving the Emperor!

Far away on Tianzhu Mountain, Lu Liangwei let out a sneeze for whatever reason. All of a sudden, she felt an inexplicably chill.

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