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Chapter 346: 346

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Chapter 346: Lu Tingchen Was Threatened By Long Yang

Lu Tingchen was momentarily stunned, but it was followed up with a secret bitter laugh. His Majesty would soon become his brother-in-law. This made Lu Tingchen feel slightly self-conscious and awkward. He had been deliberately avoiding His Majesty all this time.

“I understand,” Lu Tingchen nodded as he adjusted his robe to sit opposite His Majesty.

Zhao Qian returned after quickly making arrangements. He knew his Master was playing Go with Lu Tingchen, so he had prepared some tea and snacks.

Long Yang picked up the teacup by his hand habitually and placed it close to his lips. He was about to take a drink when he suddenly remembered something. He quickly put it down as his eyes lifted. He darted his eyes to Zhao Qian, a cold glance.

“Have you forgotten what Second Miss Lu said?”

Zhao Qian was taken aback at first. It took him quite a while to understand what his Master meant.

He broke out in a cold sweat. “I forgot. Please forgive me, Master.”

Long Yang replied indifferently, “Change this to a cup of floral tea.”

Lu Tingchen was about to place a white piece on the board when he abruptly stopped his hand in mid-air. He lifted his head and looked at the Emperor with disbelief.

He knew His Majesty liked drinking tea, yet now he was asking Zhao Qian to change it to floral tea. Besides that, he also mentioned Weiwei. Did Weiwei do something again?

He could not help remembering that Weiwei tried to get him to drink osmanthus tea last night.

Lu Tingchen could not help shuddering.

“Cold?” Long Yang noticed this and asked.

Lu Tingchen gave a start and quickly shook his head. “Not really.”

He placed his white piece down.

It was not long before Zhao Qian returned with a freshly brewed cup of floral tea. He placed it by Long Yang’s hand.

The space was immediately filled with the fragrance of osmanthus.

Lu Tingchen was quiet, “…”

Long Yang picked up the cup, about to drink before he frowned. He placed the cup down again.

Lu Tingchen could not help asking when he saw this, “Your Majesty, why aren’t you drinking? Is there a problem with the floral tea?”

Long Yang shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Lu Tingchen glanced at the floral tea next to Long Yang’s hand. It smelt pleasing with a light fragrance, a drink to indulge in.

From his point of view, floral tea was something only women enjoyed. It was quite an odd thing to think about a man enjoying floral tea and drinking it every day.

His Majesty must be thinking the same thing as well, right?!

“I don’t like drinking floral tea either…”

At the memory of last night, Lu Tingchen continued exasperatedly, “My sister loves it though. I was forced to have a cup of that tea at her place last night.”

Long Yang was about to place a black piece on the board when his hand stopped immediately at those words. He lifted his eyes and looked at Lu Tingchen.

Lu Tingchen noticed this and he immediately straightened his back.

It took quite a while before Long Yang turned his gaze away. He said nonchalantly, “You have a close relationship with Weiwei.”

Lu Tingchen’s handsome face softened when he heard those words. “I only have one sister.”

Long Yang said nothing as he placed the black piece in his hand on the board. The atmosphere of the game was initially a peaceful one. However, the winds of change came in an instant, and the game had now turned intense with an intention of complete annihilation.

Lu Tingchen stopped talking to avoid further distraction when he noticed this. He quickly focused all his attention on the game.

Once they were done with the game, Long Yang suddenly asked, “How long will it take Weiwei to return from this trip to Tianzhu Mountain?”

Lu Tingchen’s heart skipped when he heard this. He was reminded of his grandmother’s words from the last time.

His grandmother had purposely taken Weiwei with her to prevent His Majesty from seeing Weiwei.

“I’m not too clear about it. It was a sudden decision my grandmother made.”

Long Yang knew Lu Tingchen was lying, but did not want to expose him. All Long Yang said was, “You’re not getting any younger and you’re a close official working by my side. I should get the Ministry of Rites to pick a woman of virtue and talent from a renowned family, and bestow you with a wife…”

“I just remembered, Your Majesty. My grandmother said they might be gone for two months. They should be back around the end of July. Although, it’s difficult to confirm this because my grandmother’s birthday is in early July. She’s turning seventy this year and my father was thinking about arranging a grand affair for her. They might be back at the end of June after all,” Lu Tingchen quickly interrupted the Emperor.

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