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Chapter 35

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Her thoughts were the same as Aunt Zheng’s.

Both of them had grown up together since an early age. It was safe to say that she understood Lu Liangwei more profoundly than anyone else.

Even though Lu Liangwei was known as the daughter of the Duke Mansion’s principal wife, but she was actually a lowly educated and unskilled dimwit.

She certainly did not copy this scripture.

“I think this handwriting looks amazing. Lil Sis, you do not have to humble yourself. Both of us have not written together in a long time. Shall we copy a scripture in front of grandmother today and let her review it? How’s that?”

Lu Liangwei lifted her eyes to look at Lu Yunshuang.

It was undeniable that Lu Yunxuang was extremely beautiful, and her beauty was not extravagant. Her simple outfits and light makeup also gave her an elegant, pure charm.

However, the upward curve of the corners of her eyes disclosed the fact that she was naturally not one to be trifled with.

She constantly exuded a sense of disdain when gazing at others.

Lu Liangwei sneered coldly.

“I really cannot write well. I should not be making a fool of myself, but since Sister is up for it on the rare occasion when you are back, I will not attempt to ruin the mood. Sister, make sure you guide me well later,” she replied.

Lu Yunshuang’s grin softened. “Lil Sis, your words are making me feel troubled. This is not a competition, I just missed the feeling of writing together as it’s been a long time since I wrote with you. Do put yourself at ease,” she said.

Lu Liangwei swore in her heart. Lu Yunshuang was extremely pretentious.

It was obvious she wanted to use this chance to present her talent in front of the Dowager Duchess and the Crown Prince. At the same time, she wanted to show everyone her true handwriting and verify if it matched the one in the copied scripture.

All in all, they just did not believe that she was capable of writing that well and wanted to expose her on the spot in hopes of making the Dowager Duchess feel disappointed in her.

Despite having devious intentions, they were covering it up under the facade of initiating a bonding session among sisters.

Upon seeing the two sisters express their desire to carry out a spontaneous writing performance, the Dowager Duchess’s interest inevitably peaked.

Additionally, the weather outside was good today. The Dowager Duchess had the two sisters made their way to the courtyard to write.

The servants set up two console tables along with paper and ink-stones in a jiffy.

Lu Liangwei pondered for a while, then initiated a discussion with Lu Yunshuang. “On the rare occasion that Grandmother is here with us, why not let Grandmother come up with a topic for us? What do you think, Sister?” she asked.

Of course, it was all Lu Yunshuang could ask for.

She had suggested for them to copy scriptures just now so that it did not seem too obvious, but Lu Liangwei was now the one asking Grandmother to come up with a topic for them. Everything was going along with her wishes.

She was worrying that there was not a chance for her to display her talents before Grandmother. Lu Liangwei the fool ended up solving her problems!

“I’m fine with that. It mainly depends on you, Lil Sis,” she said, a look of hesitation on her face.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her. What did she mean by ‘it mainly depended on you’?

Lu Yunshuang must be implying that she might be incapable of composing a poem since she was lowly educated and unskilled.

“I do not mind. Anyway, my words would be just as it is over there. I obviously cannot compare with Sister’s exuberant talent, but since Sister now holds the honorable title of Crown Princess, I’d be glad to help relieve Sister’s boredom by becoming a joker for once. It’s not a big deal,” she assured.

Upon registering her words, there was an immediate slight shift in Lu Yunshuang’s expression. She looked toward the Duchess Dowager instinctively.

Sure enough, the Duchess Dowager’s face paled slightly.

Lu Yunshuang cursed Lu Liangwei in her heart. “Lil Sis, do not say these words ever again. Although I’m married to the Crown Prince, I’ll always be a daughter of the Lu family. You will always be my younger sister,” she said.

“It would be the best if you thought that way, Sister. However, do allow me to remind Sister that the next time Sister comes back, try your best not to hold a ceremony. Us youngsters are fine with it.

But Grandmother is at an elderly age and it would be too tiring for her to rush to the Mansion Gate to welcome you. Of course, Sister is the Crown Princess and as it should, we ought to head over to the Mansion Gate to welcome you,” she added.

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