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Chapter 354: 354

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Chapter 354: The Emperor Had This Staged For Him

Tianzhu Mountain was large and tranquil, and it also housed Tianzhu Temple, which was why many dignitaries built their holiday homes here.

Not only could they rest here, but they could also visit the temple to listen to lectures and pray to Buddha whenever they were free.

The Lu Family also had a holiday home here, built halfway up the mountain.

At this moment, in the Lu Family holiday home.

After Lu Hetian had finished reading the imperial edict in his hands, his dissatisfaction toward Long Yang increased to a whole new level.

What did the Emperor mean by this?

He had managed to finish all his military affairs just so that he could accompany his mother and Weiwei to Tianzhu Mountain. He wanted to use these few days of free time to take Weiwei around, but he never expected the Emperor to have this staged for him.

The junior eunuch who came to deliver the imperial edict could tell that the Grand Duke was disgruntled, no matter how unperceptive he was.

Who was he disgruntled with? The Emperor?

The junior eunuch shuddered at the thought and did not dare to think about it further.

The Grand Duke had contributed significantly to the imperial court and was a hero to the Great Shang Kingdom. Soon, he would become the Emperor’s father-in-law, and his power would be at its peak.

The Grand Duke should be delighted in such a situation, so how could he be dissatisfied with the Emperor?

Unless… he wanted to rebel!

The junior eunuch trembled in fright at this horrifying thought, and he could not help plucking up his courage to say, “Huaizhou’s military affairs are urgent, and His Majesty has given orders not to delay and to deal with them at once, my Lord.”

Lu Hetian shot him a murderous look, which had him almost falling to his knees.

He was just a junior eunuch delivering the imperial edict. No matter how upset the Grand Duke was, he should not unleash his anger on a servant.

“I see. You can go now.” Eventually, Lu Hetian did not direct his anger toward the junior eunuch. “Tell His Majesty that I’ll get to Huaizhou as soon as possible.”

Hearing this, the junior eunuch did not dare to prod him anymore and hurriedly took his leave.

The junior eunuch was gone, but Lu Hetian’s face had darkened to the point where ink could ooze from it.

Lu Liangwei walked in holding the Dowager Duchess’s arm.

“Dad, was that an imperial edict from the palace? What’s it about?” Lu Liangwei asked casually.

Lu Hetian replied irritably, “That damn…” he stopped himself quickly from uttering even more disrespectful words. “The Emperor wants me to go to Huaizhou to handle military affairs.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at him knowingly, pretending not to hear the words that he had almost blurted out.

The Dowager Duchess frowned. “Since it’s military affairs, they’re probably very urgent. You should hurry over as soon as possible.”

Lu Hetian said helplessly, “I wanted to be with both of you for a few more days.”

The Dowager Duchess waved her hand airily. “I’m still strong in my old age, so why would I need you to accompany me? You’ll only be an eyesore hanging around here. Every day I go to Tianzhu Temple to listen to Master Qingzhen’s lectures, you’re always the first to escape.”

Lu Hetian felt a stab of guilt. “I don’t like to listen to those bald… talk about Buddha. It’s a waste of my time going there.”

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow, thinking that her father was about to say bald donkey just now.

The Dowager Duchess naturally heard it too, and she said in annoyance, “This place is also considered a Buddhist sanctuary. Since you don’t like it so much, you should leave right away.”

Lu Hetian thought to himself, ‘You think I want to stay here? I’m going nuts just from hearing the mantra chanting from Tianzhu Temple every day. I’m only here because of my daughter.’

“If you find me so annoying, Mother, I’m leaving now.”

“Go away!” The Dowager Duchess waved her hand impatiently as if getting rid of a fly.

Lu Liangwei chuckled on the sidelines.

Grandmother cared about Father deep inside, but she felt she had to talk like that despite herself.

Father was behaving no better. Did he have to pretend to be eager about leaving this place? He clearly could not bear to leave.

“Dad, I’ll walk you down the mountain.”

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