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Chapter 356: 356

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Chapter 356: No Matter How Hard She Struggled, It Was No Use

Lu Liangwei burst out laughing at the tone of her words. “Have you been deceived by Butler Zhao? Also, how can you just listen to everything he says? Can’t you make your own judgment?”

Chu Jiu was startled. “Butler Zhao would never lie to me. He’s the one who has been by Master’s side for the longest time and knows Master best. If he says something, it must be true.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei was surprised by the woman’s level of confidence in Zhao Qian.

Lu Liangwei abruptly remembered how she had suddenly appeared in front of her that day.

Not long after arriving at Tianzhu Mountain with her grandmother and father, Chu Jiu came.

Without a word, she took out the warrant Long Yang had given her and showed it to Lu Liangwei, then explained that she was Long Yang’s covert guard sent to protect her and would follow her from then on…

To be honest, she had never seen one of Long Yang’s warrants before. Only when her father declared it was indeed Long Yang’s warrant did she believe Long Yang had indeed sent Chu Jiu to protect her.

She was suddenly a little curious about why Chu Jiu listened to Zhao Qian so obediently.

It was as if Zhao Qian’s words were more important to her than Long Yang’s.

When she thought about it this way, Lu Liangwei found Chu Jiu very intriguing.

What a unique person Chu Jiu was!

“Jiu, shall we eat roasted rabbit tonight?” she suddenly asked in a cheerful tone, changing the subject cleverly.

Chu Jiu was baffled by the abrupt change in her thoughts.

Lu Liangwei pointed to a mass of whiteness in the bushes nearby and said with a grin, “Can you catch it?”

Chu Jiu glanced at her, then at Zhu Yu, and said without hesitation, “Let her do the catching. I need to protect you.”

Zhu Yu’s eyes widened and she pointed at herself in disbelief. “You want me to catch it?”

Chu Jiu did not speak as she was used to ignoring her, but her expression had already explained everything.

Zhu Yu fumed and planted her hands on her hips, saying indignantly, “Miss told you to catch it. You should go right away.”

Only then did Chu Jiu glance at her. “I’m only responsible for protecting Second Miss. It’s not my duty to do other things.”

“Miss’s orders are also part of your duty.” Zhu Yu was about to throw a fit.

This person was not here to protect Miss. She was here to piss her off.

Chu Jiu remained motionless. Her duty was to protect Second Miss Lu from accidents. What if someone suddenly rushed out and tried to harm Second Miss Lu while she went after the rabbit?

She could not take the risk.

Lu Liangwei shook her head at the two of them. They were both as stubborn as bulls, and she could not get them to follow her orders.

While they were glowering at each other, she approached the white mass quietly.

She clasped a handful of specially made coma-inducing medicine, considering the possibility of stupefying the rabbit.

Chu Jiu had been watching Lu Liangwei from the corner of her eye, and when she saw her suddenly approaching the rabbit, she remained silent. Seeing Zhu Yu about to call out, she swiftly covered Zhu Yu’s mouth, and no matter how hard she struggled, it was no use.

Zhu Yu stared at Chu Jiu’s cold side profile in horror, and for the first time, she found Chu Jiu terrifying.

She could not break free of her grasp at all…

Chu Jiu only released Zhu Yu when she saw that Lu Liangwei had stupefied the rabbit.

Zhu Yu panted heavily, feeling a trace of fear creeping into her heart.

“We can have roasted rabbit tonight.” Not noticing their strange behavior, Lu Liangwei stood up with the rabbit in her hand, turned around, and announced happily to them.

However, at this moment, Chu Jiu’s expression changed drastically. In a flash, she drew her sword and hurled it in the direction of Lu Liangwei’s back.

Zhu Yu screamed in terror, “Miss, look out—”

Sensing that something was wrong, Lu Liangwei threw herself to the ground without another thought.

Chu Jiu’s sword successfully knocked down an arrow aiming for Lu Liangwei, but another one shot out from another direction and flew toward her at lightning speed.

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