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Chapter 371: A Sheen Of Sweat Could Be Faintly Seen

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Chapter 371: A Sheen Of Sweat Could Be Faintly Seen

She had already taken a bite out of that.

“It’s sweet.”

The man’s deep voice sounded beside her ear, seeming to hint at something. Lu Liangwei’s face heated up, and she walked ahead quickly, pretending not to hear him.

She had really just shot herself in the foot.

“Sir, come on in…”

Hearing this new voice, Lu Liangwei came back to her senses only to realize that she had entered an alley in the redlight district. Many prostitutes were standing on both sides and were soliciting customers.

A thought struck her, and she abruptly turned around. Sure enough, she saw a group of chirping women crowding around Long Yang and Chu Qi.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes narrowed, and she suddenly raised her voice, “Hubby, why are you so slow? Bring our child over, quickly.”

Her voice was already silvery, and it sounded even clearer after she deliberately raised it.

Silence instantly descended on the alley, and all eyes glanced toward her.

Long Yang was also stunned, but soon, a smile flashed through his dark eyes.

On the other hand, Chu Qi frowned. Child? Who was she talking about?

Lu Liangwei walked over and took Long Yang’s arm. “Were you spacing out? Let’s go.” She then started to head back to where they had come from.

Before she left, she did not forget to say to Chu Qi, who was standing there in a daze, “Hurry up, Lil Qi.”

Chu Qi, “…”

Glancing at her wordlessly, he followed them out of the alley.

There was a pleasant expression on Long Yang’s face. As his gaze swept over her hand on his arm, he could not help chuckling deeply. “Where are you taking me, my wife?”

Hearing the blatantly teasing tone of his words, Lu Liangwei came back to her senses. A little exasperated, she was about to withdraw her hand when he held it down.

“Chu Qi,” he suddenly called out, a hint of a commanding tone in his low voice.

Chu Qi, who had been following behind them, turned around the other way immediately.

Before Lu Liangwei could understand what the master and servant were up to, she was suddenly pinned to the wall, and Long Yang pressed himself against her.

His fresh and pleasant scent brushed against her nose and mouth. The next moment, the veil on her face was lifted, and her breath was taken away in an instant.

She widened her eyes in disbelief.

Although not many people passed by this alley, the entrance was just in front of them, and anyone could come in at any time. The brothel was behind them, and many women were sticking their heads out for a peek.

Lu Liangwei’s face got hotter and hotter, and a sheen of sweat could be faintly seen on her fair forehead.

She struggled but could not break free of his grasp. Just as she was thinking about using other means, he finally let go of her.

He held her waist with one hand and raised the other to gently wipe the sweat from her forehead.

He did not speak, and neither did she.

Her mouth full of his breath, Lu Liangwei felt a little dizzy.

She did not understand why he had suddenly…

After wiping her sweat, Long Yang picked up the veil and helped her put it back on.

Lu Liangwei secretly exhaled in relief and was about to push him away when he suddenly leaned down to her ear. “It was really sweet.”

Lu Liangwei immediately flushed. Fortunately, she had the veil to shield her face.

She shot him an annoyed look and turned to leave.

However, she had barely taken a step before feeling her wrist get tugged. The next moment, something cool was slipped onto it.

Lu Liangwei paused and looked back, only to see that a bangle had appeared on her originally bare wrist.

The bangle was bright red all over, making her fair skin appear even fairer.

Long Yang held her hand and admired it for a while, exclaiming, “What snow-white skin you have.”

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