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Chapter 374: Personal Possession

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Chapter 374: Personal Possession

A huge frown appeared on Long Yang’s face as a terrible look formed on his handsome features.

Right at that moment, a water ladle filled with water appeared in front of him as the bright voice of a young girl could be heard.

“Gargle with this. You’ll feel better.”

Long Yang took it over silently. Noticing her standing at the side without any intention of moving away, he felt slightly embarrassed but said nothing.

Lu Liangwei waited until he was done gargling before passing a clean handkerchief to him.

Long Yang took it and wiped away the water stains at the corner of his mouth. He folded the handkerchief and kept it inside his pocket blatantly.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Long Yang passed the water ladle back to her, looking quite indifferent.

Lu Liangwei darted a look at him and took back the water ladle silently. She waited for a while and realized that he had no intention of returning the handkerchief to her. She pursed her lips and the minor guilt she felt about playing the trick on him instantly dissipated.

Served him right for throwing up!

A smile flashed in Long Yang’s eyes as he watched the young girl turned to leave. He took the handkerchief out and opened it. He looked at it for a while before refolding the handkerchief and returning it into his pocket.

It must have been on her for quite a while. There was a subtle fragrance lingering on the handkerchief.

He finally had a personal possession that belonged to this girl.

A happy look appeared on Long Yang’s face and the bad experience caused by that weird taste had now disappeared.

Lu Liangwei bought two more portions of stinky tofu. She planned to bring it back for Zhu Yu and Chu Qi to enjoy. [TN: Possible typo by the author as it should be Chu Jiu.]

She would never admit that she had done this on purpose to disgust Long Yang.

She would like to see him try to get near her.

As expected, Long Yang slowed his steps when he saw this.

That smell was indescribably horrible.

His stomach churned at the thought of it.

Lu Liangwei smiled slightly. She pretended not to notice as she walked with Chu Qi behind her toward the direction of Tianzhu Mountain.

Long Yang did not hold Lu Liangwei’s hand on the way back, which she was quite happy about.

It seemed like Long Yang really disliked the smell of stinky tofu. She finally knew how to handle him.

Her footsteps became lighter at the thought of this. She suddenly felt quite carefree as she watched the mountain road beneath her, and began to hum.

Chu Qi heard her humming. He glanced at her briefly and turned to look at his master, who was maintaining a distance between her.

Long Yang was surprised when he heard her singing voice. He had never expected her humming to sound so good.

“Are you in a good mood?”

Lu Liangwei immediately stopped her humming when she suddenly heard the male voice next to her.

She turned to look and saw Long Yang covering his mouth and nose with her handkerchief.

No wonder his voice sounded a little funny.

Lu Liangwei did not reply. They were about to reach the Lu family holiday home, so she changed the topic of conversation. “The distance from here to the imperial capital is not short. Your Majesty should prepare to return, it would not be a convenient journey when night falls.”

Long Yang had also noticed that they were about to arrive at the Lu family holiday home. The unwillingness to separate from Lu Liangwei was apparent in his heart.

It would not be difficult for him if he wanted to stay the night, but the Dowager Duchess would be cursing him in her heart. Once he had left, the person who would suffer a scolding would be Weiwei.

Moreover, the reason the Dowager Duchess had brought Weiwei here was to avoid him.

If she were to find out he had taken her treasured granddaughter was out for half a day, she would never let this go.

The Dowager Duchess would never do anything in front of him even if she was angry because of his status, but she would still be able to lecture her granddaughter.

He could not bear Weiwei to be lectured, even if it was because her family was concerned for her.

“I know. I’ll leave after seeing you home,” Long Yang said as he held her petite hand which was empty.

Lu Liangwei allowed him to hold her hand since there was not much of a walk left.

As they were reaching the entrance of the Lu family holiday home, Lu Liangwei stopped and turned toward Long Yang. “Your Majesty, you can stop here.”

Long Yang let go of her hand and looked deeply at her. “Alright, go on in. I’ll watch you from here.”

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