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Chapter 377: My Hand Slipped

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Chapter 377: My Hand Slipped

However, a sneer appeared quickly on Ji Linghui’s face.

So what if they failed? Even if she was lucky and had managed to get away this time, what about next time? Or the time after the next?

Once the House of Swallow Snow got involved, they would stop at nothing.

Ji Linghui felt better at this thought. She touched the bangle on her wrist, which her father had sent back to her, and lifted her hand to pat the white pigeon. “Go on, return to your master.”

The white pigeon flapped its wings as if it understood her words, and flew off.

Ji Linghui watched the pigeon flew a distance before turning to return to her room.

The next day, Tianzhu Mountain.

Master Qingzhen would be conducting five days of Buddhist chants, which was why the Dowager Duchess continued going to Tianzhu Temple after having breakfast.

This time, she did not let Lu Liangwei see her off. Aunt Lan accompanied her up to the mountain.

Lu Liangwei had taken a few rare books on medicine from Madam Ling’s room when they were headed to Tianzhu Mountain.

She had planned to spend the day reading the books.

However, she had just started reading two pages and was engrossed in it when her hands suddenly became empty. Her book on medicine had been pulled away by someone.

“You’ll become a bookworm if you continue reading this.” A man’s teasing voice could be heard in the room.

Lu Liangwei was stunned. She lifted her head to look and was shocked to see Long Yang. She immediately jumped up from her bed and looked outside anxiously. “What are you doing here again? Didn’t you go home yesterday?”

Long Yang thought she looked especially adorable seeing how nervous she acted. A faint smile appeared in his deep, mysterious eyes. “Don’t worry. Your grandmother has already gone to Tianzhu Temple. I made sure she was not around before coming in. Don’t worry. I haven’t created any commotion.”

Lu Liangwei relaxed slightly when she heard this. She turned her head and gave him a questioning look. “Didn’t you go home yesterday?”

“Who told you I went home?” Long Yang held onto the book on medicine and sat down where she had previously been lying down.

Lu Liangwei thought about what he just said as she frowned. “You didn’t go home?”


“Why didn’t you say so yesterday?”

“You’ve been yearning for me to go home. If I told you, wouldn’t you just try to hide from me?” Long Yang said with a slight smile.

Lu Liangwei had no comeback for that.

It was because it was just as he said. If she knew he did not go home, she would definitely hide from him.

However, why did he not go home?

Was there nothing important for him to do in the imperial court?

Was this considered too irresponsible for a ruler of a country?

As she stayed silent, her wrist was suddenly grabbed by the man’s dry hands.

“Where’s your bangle?”

Lu Liangwei came to her senses. “I’ve kept it.”

Long Yang thought of something and understood her misgivings. He did not ask further.

His fingertips, which had a faint feeling of calluses, brushed against her soft, smooth, and delicate wrist casually.

Lu Liangwei felt ticklish and she shrunk back slightly. She wanted to push his hand away, but he suddenly exerted a slight force and she fell forward right into his arms.

Lu Liangwei’s breathing turned erratic. By the time she managed to react, she climbed out of his arms clumsily and glared at him red-faced.

Long Yang gave a husky laugh and brushed her cheek with his fingers. “My hand slipped.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Who would believe you, you dirty old man!

He definitely did that on purpose.

Long Yang saw her face blushed red and her eyes were about to seethe in rage. He finally stopped teasing her and stood up to pull her hand and headed outside. “Let me take you to a fun place.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to wring her hand away from his. “I don’t want to go.”

“You have to!” Long Yang lowered his head to glance at her. He sounded determined.

Lu Liangwei gave a cold laugh in her heart. “In what capacity are you requesting this of me?”

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